Cheryl Cole Grabs Her Crotch As She Danced Away With Tre Holloway In Copenhagen

We were shocked as Cheryl Cole was when the Girls Aloud singer pulled on a few sensuous dance moves during her concert in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The 29-year-old looked very sexy in her high thigh boots and black leather gloves as she performed on stage in the drenching rains. And her boyfriend Tre Holloway did like what she did and was grinning from ear to ear as he too performed alongside her.

Cheryl sang her hits Call My Name, Fight For This Love, and Under The Sun but later revealed her performance is been hindered due to unfavorable weather.

However, Cheryl did her best to keep the crowd entertained and apologized later that the rain has affected her especially her dance numbers.
The downpour was so bad that Cheryl was afraid that she won’t land safely back to earth but she did eventually but wasn’t happy when she learnt from reports that she and Tre are going to be married.

A gossip magazine even speculated that Tre, 27 is looking at wedding rings and they will tie the knot in winter.
However, Cheryl denied this on Twitter and said these reported aren’t right.

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