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Cheryl Cole HAS Called In Top Divorce Lawyers... But SHE's Set to Loose Out

Cheryl Cole HAS Called In Top Divorce Lawyers… But SHE’s Set to Loose Out

As Ashley Cole arrived back in Britain on Friday night after Cheryl had agreed to see him at their Surrey mansion, Ashley must have thought his Christmases had come at once. But when he arrived, he was swiftly told to pack his bags, and was seen leaving the house just 20 minutes later.

What wasn’t clear though was whether Cheryl Cole had called in divorce lawyers yet, after a number of conflicting reports spread to the Internet. But the Daily Mail today claim that shortly after Ashley was shown the door, Cheryl had consulted with Fiona Shackleton, the divorce lawyer who represented Sir Paul McCartney and Prince Charles.

It’s still unclear whether Cheryl has formally instructed Miss Shackleton to proceed with the divorce though. One thing is clear. ALL the top divorce lawyers have advised her to move forward with divorce proceedings, and fast. Cheryl has reportedly been told to expect a straight split of their assets because of their short four year marriage. They also have no children, and both have substantial incomes.

This is how the divorce could look financially for both Cheryl and Ashley…

  • £3.5 Million Surrey Mansion to be sold with profit split between the couple
  • Ashley to keep his £450,000 London Flat and his £830,000 flat in Dubai
  • Cheryl to keep pet Chihuahuas Coco and Buster

Now on the face of it, that might actually look like a fair deal, but look at it carefully. She will get a 50% split of the £3.5 million Surrey mansion. Lets call that £1.75 million pounds. Ashley will also get his £1.75 million share. BUT, he gets to keep two flats worth a combined £1.8 million so he will walk away with £2.6 million in cash compared to Cheryl’s £1.75 – Yes, she gets the dogs, but nobody can assume they’re worth the additional £1 or so million quid.

Anyways, moving on. Cheryl Cole is also being advised that the grounds for divorce should be ‘unreasonable behaviour’ – and not infidelity, because he is unlikely to admit to that in a court, and would instead try and build a case against her.

So to counter this, Cheryl is being advised NOT to drag this through the courts because lawyers for Ashley could build a case claiming she wasn’t the perfect wife. She has also hardly seen her husband for months due to work commitments, and her mother Joan’s presence in the marital home is not conducive to romance. She might also occasionally have been demanding and moody.

Friends of Ashley have told the media that he’s now becoming resigned to the fact that the marriage is doomed, even telling one pal he is glad this happened now rather than “a few years down the road when children could have been involved.”

Now for my say on the matter. We all here know what I think of Ashley, but the assets don’t really seem fair to me. Cheryl is to get a share of the profit from the Surrey Mansion and the dogs. That’s ALL she gets, while he gets to keep a £450,000 flat in London and an £830,000 flat in Dubai. Hardly seems fair to me. What do you guys think?


  1. robert howes says:

    I think Cheryl will not want bad publicity and will want to get out with least hassle , but her lawyers will want to make as much money out of it as possible as all lawyers do, so it will be interesting and great press………………..

  2. Hannah Goodall says:

    totally unfair but i dont think cheryl will care aslong as she gets the dogs!

  3. Emma B says:

    I am glad she will hopefully get the daogs as she really really loves them and they are HER babies. I don't think it's fair he keeps the flats though. She probably helped pay for them.
    I LOVE YOU CHERYL x x x x

  4. i think its unfair for Ashley, she has her own money, why should he have to share his earnings with her, they should have a clean split, she keeps her money and he keeps his. KMT. Yes he made a mistake and had affairs, but he was willing to try and keep his marriage, Cheryl had her mum living off Ashley and she was never home with her husband, she is looking more like a gold digger, i wouldn't be surprised if this marriage wasn't all about money on Cheryl part……… Is this the same Cheryl that battered a cleaner, and was convicted…. KMT

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