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Cheryl Cole Having Tought Time with Media World

Cheryl Cole Having Tought Time with Media World

After her stint with Malaria, where Cheryl Cole emerged as the winner, is there any reason to believe that she could not defend herself against the tirade of a fashion designer?

Rumour has it that Julien MacDonald, said fashion designer, launched a verbal attack against the X-factor judge, at a party that was held at Sarah Harding’s home. One insider claimed that Cheryl left the house crying her eyes out after being told that she looked like a chav and wore a hideous dress.

However, that’s not how the story ended, according to another source.Cheryl allegedly fought back and told the designer: “Get out of my face… F**k you. Did you hear what I said? F**k you.

Julien apparently didn’t respond back and was at loss of words afterward. So that’s another win for our Cheryl.

Now, the comeback may not exactly be classy. But who could blame Cheryl after she was told one of the worst insults that one could possibly think of to say to a lady.

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