Cheryl Cole hell-bent on getting her six-pack back again after treating herself with sugary delights and generous dinners with Tre Holloway

Cheryl cole_1 Cheryl Cole, whose figure is an envy of women globally, is to embark on a major work out session to get her six-pack back before her Girls Aloud reunion tour of UK begins in February.

Though, the 29-year-old former X Factor judge didn’t put on weight on the festive season like her counterparts, she’s disappointed that her once sculpted tummy has disappeared, according to sources.

Closer Magazine quoted a source as saying, “Cheryl looks amazing, but she feels she’s let her sculpted tummy go slightly over Christmas. She hasn’t gained weight and is being too hard on herself, but she says she’s lost definition in her abs.

The source added, “She’s blaming eating out with Tre, scaling down her rigorous workouts and allowing herself treats like chocolates, biscuits and sugary energy drinks.”

The “Call My Name” is now very much determined on retaining her envious abs and sources reported that she signed up for a two-hour workout routines.

Meanwhile, an insider revealed that Cheryl’s asked her boyfriend, Tre Holloway to remind her to stick to her new diet and exercise sessions.

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