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Cheryl Cole: 'I Cannot Watch Myself on TV'

Cheryl Cole: ‘I Cannot Watch Myself on TV’

Cheryl Cole, The X Factor Performance Girls Aloud turned solo singer Cheryl Cole has admitted she hates to watch herself on The X Factor, as her facial expressions “freak me out.”

Cheryl, who earlier this month won a £500k deal to be the face of L’Oreal Paris says: “I don’t watch it, I cringe when i come on. I Sky + it and fast-forward the bits when I’m talking,” she told the Sun.

The sexy judge was a busy girl yesterday as her debut solo single, Fight For This Love, was played for the first time on Radio 1, to mixed reactions from the public. People commenting on this Cheryl Cole Fansite have had great things to say about Cheryl Cole’s Single, but there’s been thousands of people on Twitter who absolutely hate the track.

Continuing on about The X Factor, Cheryl Cole added: “You know when you see yourself talk? It’s not natural watching your facial expressions. I don’t like that. I can watch myself perform on stage though.”

Cheryl also commented on the new style auditions, saying that she misses the “one-on-one” she had with the wannabes at the old-style auditions. She did, however, promise this will be a great series. “The set and the frills are going to be amazing,” she said.


  1. amy ullah says:

    i love cheryl and i think her new song is great ! her facial expressions make me laugh lol. and just to add if anyone can tel her .. to make sure she does x factor next year as i am goin to the live shows and i am a big fan of hers .. thanks :)

  2. Hannah says:

    How do I get tickets for the x factor next year????

  3. cherylfan3126 says:

    i agree with amy her facial expressions a great it make the show more enjoyable cheryl is a great judge because she is honest and she cares about her acts it helps that she went through what they are going through she understands them better than other three judges

  4. himatio says:

    What is the secret to increase Twitter followers (more than 500)?

  5. hayley says:

    ilove cheryl coal :) :)

  6. hannah says:

    hayley you spell it 'cole'

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