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Cheryl Cole: 'I WILL Be Singing Live'

Cheryl Cole: ‘I WILL Be Singing Live’

Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love on The X Factor Fresh off the press is news that Cheryl Cole has confirmed that she WILL indeed be singing live when she gives her debut solo performance on The X Factor this Saturday evening.

We revealed yesterday that Cheryl Cole would be miming her track while performing this weekend, after producers released a statement claiming that Girls Aloud sounded terrible last year, therefore to ensure Cheryl gives a great performance, it would be recorded four hours before the X Factor goes live, and Cheryl would be miming her performance.

But the Girls Aloud beauty has stated today: “I really don’t see the problem. I will be singing live. I just wont have time to get changed and get prepared for the performance, and be a judge on the show. It would be too hectic.

So its looking like the statement show producers released claiming her performance would be mimed wasn’t true, however Cheryl Cole’s debut performance of Fight For This Love will still be recorded before the live show goes on air.

As well as Cheryl taking to the stage, Whitney Houston will also be giving a comeback performance this week, after being out of show-business for most of the last decade.

No pressure then Cheryl!!


  1. Amy ullah says:


  2. i want her to actuially do it live!

  3. sophie says:

    is she performing saturday or sunday because people keep saying different things?


  5. mandy says:

    sunday lol coz she never sang on saturday lol x :)

  6. Staycee x says:

    Whitney Houston was actually shit, cheryl was 10 times better !!!!!!! she did sing live on sunday and im so proud of her ! i love you babe no matter what you will be my idol forever !! <3 <3 <3 <3
    Your biggest fan Staycee xxxx

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