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Cheryl Cole In Tears as 'Jealous' Ashley Ruins Her Party

Cheryl Cole In Tears as ‘Jealous’ Ashley Ruins Her Party

Ashley Cole Jealous of Cheryl Cole Earlier last week Cheryl Cole achieved what she set out to achieve with her solo career when her debut solo single, Fight For This Love became the fastest selling single of the year. Tomorrow, the Geordie beauty is also on track to get a number one position with her solo album, Three Words.

So having the fastest-selling single of the year should have been a cause for celebration for the sexy X Factor judge, but her joy proved short lived when her footballer husband, Ashley Cole refused to attend a party to mark her success. The Girls Aloud singer had planned a big party at London’s Mayfair Hotel, but she cancelled it at the last minute, apparently in floods of tears, when Ashley refused to come.

A friend of the family said: “The Cole household is not a happy one at the moment. Ashley has a touch of the green-eyed monster and doesn’t like being in Cheryl’s shadow. There is a lot of tension between them because Cheryl is busier and busier and is now eclipsing Ashley’s success. He’s acting like a spoilt child because she’s getting all the attention.

Ashley Cole was in audience with Cheryl’s Girls Aloud bandmates when she appeared on The X Factor to launch her single two weeks ago. The performance helped the show achieve its biggest ever audience, which was also a big deal for Cheryl. But it was revealed yesterday that Ashley didn’t want to attend the studio audience, and only came when Girls Aloud bandmates, Kimberley, Sarah and Nicola badgered him.

He didnt plan to come to that show but the other girls gave him a load of grief and told him he had to be there,” says our source.

I’m sorry Ashley, you getting jealous over Cheryl’s success? That’s a bit rich coming from you, a lying, cheating scumbag isn’t it? You have quite simply the woman every bloke in the country wants, and you don’t appreciate or respect her in any way. YOUR AN IDIOT!!!


  1. sophie says:


  2. hilary says:

    I don't believe this story is true as why have they waited a week to say something,last week after the x factor they held an emergency meeting after danyl was in the bottom two so it could be that the party was cancelled because it was too late after the meeting to go.I don't beieve for a minute ashley wouldn't attend her party especially after he spoke to a tabloid paper to say he was arranging it.Her album is expected to get to number 1 tonight when the charts are revealed so lets see if they party tonight after x factor.However i noticed on x factor last night that she wasn't wearing her wedding rings so it could be true that they have had a fall out why else would she not be wearing them.

  3. Irene Collins says:

    cheryl dont be big headed Ashley contributated to you being well known for being a WAG and hanging around with Victoria B. During the world cup. There are other girls in your group that are not as huge as you.Its because you have a husband who supports you. Remember where you came from.There are so many girls with beutiful bodies and looks more than you.Who envy to be wives to footballers.He made one mistake you forgave him, So forgive and forget.DONT be fulled by poeple and the tabloid work on your marriege, dont let it slip out of you.I know you Love each other.Some times Being so busy you forget about your husband and thus you start growing apart.Remember what Dannii Minogue said about her failled marriege she never saw it coming, but because of being apart most of the time it came. I dont mean you shouldnt work hard, you should but find time for your marriege. Dont just do what you want sit down and talk agree on things as a couple, then you will see things working. GOOD LUCK TO YOU.

  4. he is such an idiot if this is true then i hate him even more

  5. Christopher McMillan says:

    Why should Ashley go to Cheryl party. He's not part of her life anymore and agree that he is an idiot. Cheryl is always a great party girl and will always be.

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