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Cheryl Cole Invites The X Factor Twins To Dinner

Cheryl Cole Invites The X Factor Twins To Dinner

John and Edward Grimes - The X Factor WHAT are you doing Cheryl?

It was revealed today that Cheryl Cole has invited the much criticised X Factor Twins, John and Edward Grimes to dinner with her. The sexy Girls Aloud singer apparently decided to make a peace offering with the twins, after she complained on live TV earlier this month that they were still in the competition.

When the first of her contestants got voted out, Rikki Loney, Cheryl told told Dermot O’Leary: “I can’t believe John and Edward are still in the competition and Rikki’s going.

Insiders from the show have said: “Cheryl was fuming when Rikki got the axe. But she calmed down and realised it wasn’t the twins fault. She felt guilty for slagging them off, so went to find the boys and invited them round to dinner.

John has also confirmed: “We love Cheryl Cole and there’s no hard feelings at all about what she said. We think she is stunning and a great singer. It is amazing that we could get such an invite from her. She is a megastar. We want to be her friends and stay in touch long after The X Factor.

Bookies were proved wrong yet again last night, after they predicted the twins would be booted from the show. In a shock result, Danyl Johnson and Miss Frank were in the bottom two. The judges couldn’t agree on who should go, so it went to the public vote, effectively kicking Miss Frank out of the show, much to the relief of Danyl Johnson.

Danyl, bit of advice if you’re reading this mate. There is no doubting your a brilliant singer, but stop being so smug about it, and perhaps you will get some more voters!!!


  1. omg i HATE those twins so much

  2. I LOVE the twins but they cant sing so i think it every unfair for the rest of the people who are singing every well i think the public are carzy this is a singing competion .

  3. Pauline says:

    Hopefully she will undercook the chicken!

  4. funnybones7 says:

    I announce all Lucy fans to now switch their vote to Jedward.

    I am really disgusted with the farce of a show.
    Simon deserves the twins to win if that's the way he's gonna play. The other contestants should do ok from the show.

    I just want to see Simon with egg on his face. Lucy was just getting into her stride and could definatly have had an outside chance of winning!!!!

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