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Cheryl Cole Is Back in UK After Spending Night with Hunky Dancer

Cheryl Cole Is Back in UK After Spending Night with Hunky Dancer

cheryl cole heathrow airport Cheryl Cole arrived back in England this morning, just seven hours after spending the night in a hotel with her hunky dancer, Derek Hough.

26-year-old Cheryl Cole has reportedly been DATING the 24-year-old dancer in LA since walking out on cheating husband Ashley last week. The Girls Aloud stunner looked gloomy after landing at Heathrow Airport at 11am this morning.

Wearing sunglasses, a brown leather hat and black leather jacket, she told her husband to leave their house yesterday as she spent the night with handsome Derek and his dog. Derek went to her hotel room last night, and emerged smiling broadly at 4am this morning.

One onlooker who saw him leaving said: “He looked very pleased with himself.” Since walking out on Ashley last week, demanding a divorce, Cheryl has already enjoyed three dates with Derek Hough and has wasted no time in getting closer to him.

Cheryl flew back to London last night and is expected to release a statement officially announcing the ‘Cheryl Cole Divorce‘. She texted Ashley yesterday, simply writing: “Move out. It’s over.”  Friends of Cheryl suspect she wanted to spend more time with Derek in America, but couldn’t due to work commitments in England.

Derek Hough and Cheryl Cole have openly flirted in public while in Los Angeles, and went on several lunch dates together. They also hit the theatre together, watching the new romantic movie just out, ‘Valentines Day’.

Friends of Cheryl have also confirmed that she’s considering a permanent movie to America, where she could carve out a new career and life for herself. Meanwhile, cheating Ashley Cole was yesterday preparing to move out of their surrey mansion.

A source said: “He is devastated and distraught. He is desperate for a reconciliation but knows in his heart he has lost her for good.

So it looks like Cheryl id definitely finalising this marriage then folks. Lets hope that he isn’t able to convince her to take him back now that she will see him face-to-face today!!!


  1. charis greenland says:

    i feel so sorry for cheryl she doesn't diserve to be treated like that shes done nothing wrong and should get some respect from heronce dearly loved husband soon ex. i love her so much i can't stand seeing peple treating her like that , i'm not alesbian just a crazy fan

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