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Cheryl Cole Is Painfully Thick - Advertising Error [Humour]

Cheryl Cole Is Painfully Thick – Advertising Error [Humour]

Time for another humorous post folks. Either advertising agencies are rarely aware of the content which appears on billboard space they sell, or this is completely deliberate. Its probably a case of they weren’t aware of the content, but it’s humorous to think that this was deliberate.

If this really was deliberate, they are clearly making a case that Cheryl Cole is slightly thick, which maybe she is, maybe she isn’t, but there you go. The ONLY way I would agree with that statement is if she lets that rat Ashley Cole back into her life. Then I really WILL throw the book at her and call her painfully thick.

Until then, she is our national treasure, so anybody bashing her in the comments can expect an ear bashing from me, Sophie, Hannah, Elizabeth and all the other regulars around here. ;-)


  1. Elizabeth says:

    She looks amazin in that billboard :)

  2. molly x says:

    whos elizabeth in the post? do u have a new writer ? xx

  3. Andrew MacDonald says:

    No, but she comments on a lot of our stories. She is the person above your comment.

  4. chloe says:

    she looks great :D

  5. antony says:

    cheryl cole is so dumb, come on she is quite thick really, isnt she pet

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