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Is Cheryl Cole Pregnant??

Is Cheryl Cole Pregnant??

Cheryl Cole Pregnant Cheryl Cole recently insisted in an interview that Girls Aloud WILL stay together “if” she gets pregnant.

This kind of begs the question of why she felt the need to bring up the whole pregnancy issue. I mean any of the 5 girls could get pregnant, and pregnancy isn’t the only issue that could cause the girls to split, so why did Cheryl specifically bring pregnancy up?

Is Cheryl Cole hinting she might be pregnant? Is she hinting that she wants to get pregnant? or was the subject brought up ‘out of thin air’?

Cheryl, 25 said:  “Girls Aloud wouldn’t break up if I had a baby,’ she tells a reporter. ‘But it would change the dynamics.

She does, however admit the group will have to part ways eventually. “We have been working non-stop and there will come a time when you have to prioritise things,” she explains.

But I’m just focused on what I’m doing with the girls right now.

This follows all the recent speculation that Girls Aloud would be splitting, but all indications show this isn’t the case.

The girls recently signed another 3-album exclusive record deal, they won their first Brit Award on Wednesday for Best British Single, and the girls have another world-tour planned for 2009.

Personally i don’t think a split is imminent for another 18 months at least, bearing in mind it takes around 6 months to record and mix together each album, plus the girls wont have much time for recording studios when their tour kicks off, but who knows. Ive been proved wrong before, so we will have to wait and see on this one.

What do you guys think?


  1. Olivia says:

    I doubt she's pregnant YET! she has so much going on at the moment, with the tour and X factor later on in the year, she doesn't have time yet, but im sure soon that there will come a time when she decides to take some time off to have a baby, you never know! im a massive fan of Cheryl's so just support her on whatever he choice is :). love you cheryl.

    from Oliviaa.


  2. maggie says:

    I think its all for publicity, is she, isn’t she, shes gonna be doing X-factor so people will be tuning in to see any revelations. Seriously, there are more im portant things in the world

  3. Andrew James Lacey says:

    If cheryl doce get Pregnant I think Cheryl have Simon to Support her while on The X-Factor because Simon is closer to Cheryl I could see it on aLast-Years X-Factor of Cuddling and Comforting Cheryl I would be Happy FOr Cheryl and also i would send her my Love to Cheryl to Be Friends With her Becase Girl-Aloud is my Top Seixiest Girl-Group Idols their Northern's plus I'm a Northerner Myself an I Want Send Cheryl my Regards I Hope to see you with Ther Other Girl-Aloud in Concert Soon you are my top Favourte And my Star

  4. If Cheryl did get pegnant i would send her my love to her and Ashley and just hope to Girls Aloud back in concert soon. I love you Cheryl More then anything and anyone.

    All my love Emma xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. leonie says:

    if cheryl does get pegnant i will be so happy for her and ashely i love your music your solo music is going to be fab i love you cherly cole with all my love leonie

  6. bethany says:

    if she does get pregnant i will be so happy for her and ashley. all my love bethany

  7. Rachael says:

    no sa nt !! bt wen she does have kids they will b stuining luk at her hw cn they nt b and ashleys pretty hot too… the two of them combined omg there kids will b the Cutess ever!!!

    n Cheryl will b a Fab mum!!

  8. leona says:

    i dont think she will be a good mum becoz she used to be horrible and nasty and i still think she is the same

  9. paisley says:

    i am cheryls biggist fan I send my love

  10. Nikki says:

    cheryl's nt pregnat yet bt she has said tht she does wont to hav children.. bt she's just busy concentrating with her music and the X Facotor…. Im a huge fan of cheryl.. shes ma idol.. i luv her… cheryl will make a fantastic mum and ashley would make a good dad too hopefully :):) Team Cheryl all the way :):):):):)

  11. katie x says:

    omgggg if shee does have kidss omgg they wud be the mostt gawju lil kids ever n lucky lil fings for havin ther mum bein cheryl

  12. Kaley Couco says:

    OMG if cheryl had a baby it wld be da lukyest kid in da world….. LOVE UUUUU CHERYL XXX

  13. leigh from liverpool says:


  14. Chelsea says:

    Cheryl isn't pregnant yet, as shes too busy with her career at the moment, she does intent to have children in the future as she'd like a large family if she and ashley are "blessed".
    Cheryl has also said- "not in the near future", but at some point.
    illyy cheryll xxx

  15. craig says:

    its none of your buisness if she is pregnant wow i fought i liked her alot you are all obbssesed
    if she wants it to be public trust me it will be public but she is the most beautiful girl in the world and she should marry me instead of ashleigh i fink hes a ledgend in football but how could he cheat on cheryl she so sweet

  16. carry says:

    i dont really know wether she is but if she is it will be a shocker with the x factor thing going on wow big shocker hope girls aloud can stay together and cheryl cole can do singles.

  17. Chloe and Georgia says:

    Cheryl Cole is no way pregnant
    Even if she is not with that scumbag Ashley Cole (The love rat)


    Love G and C

  18. me mia says:

    how can sum peeps say shis pregnant even if she is we all luv ya chezxD

  19. me mia says:

    your horrible and nasty watever you say you r

  20. good for u

  21. charleycranney says:

    i love you cheryl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kiss me

  22. hannah n shannon says:

    luv ya cheryl u r the bestest eva and i might come on xfactor next year.

  23. lov you your really gorgeous and you got one of my fav acts on x factor

  24. brittney mckeag says:

    i want her to have a baby and if it is a boy it should be called Kenzie and if it is a girl it should be called Mckenzie.

  25. ellie says:

    omg no she wasnt

  26. ellie says:

    ashley is georguse

  27. ellie fallis says:

    me and my mam think cheryls not pregnant

  28. sanah says:

    cheryl cole baby will be beautiful just like you you go girl i am 100 per vent behind you

  29. ellie fallis says:

    you must be horrible yourself then MIA

  30. ellie fallis says:

    he might not be cheating on cheryl tho

  31. ellie fallis says:

    i love cheryl and if she is pregnant she will be a great mum and ashley will be a great dad

  32. annonymous says:

    i love her she is hot

  33. lauren says:


  34. Nicole says:


  35. Stephanie Parks says:

    If the girls do split up people might think you are old and retied. If Cheryl does become pregnant she might miss working so here husband will after the baby.
    NO matter what happens I will still be a BIG fan of you Cheryl!!!!!!!!!

  36. michael yowhnnea says:

    hello cherly could i love u so much i miss u 4ever i wishe u all the beast u

  37. courtney duff says:

    Im also a biggest fan to :)

  38. sheryl says:


  39. Shannon says:

    Her And Ashley Have Everything Ahead Of Them At the Moment, They're Both In Great Careers And Doing Well As A Couple, Dispite What The Press Have Said,They Seem To Have Come Through Smiling, Good Luck To Them If They Do Deside To Have A Baby, I Must Say It Will Be stunning .
    And I Love Cheryl & Ashley :)

  40. Kirsty says:

    i think if cheryl's pregnant just now ; probably would be a dissaster ; obviously not for her ; but for her fans ; we wouldn't see alot of her and she probably wouldn't sing for a while :-( and that sucks :( cheryl your amazing 8-> and i love you!

  41. charis greenland says:

    i think the press should leave her alone if she ever is pregnant let hr announce it her she is my fav celeb ever and my fone is full of pics her i had a dream adopted i was soooo happy i'd let her adopt me any day i luv all the songs on 3 words and if u read this cheryl plz contact me on facebook coz i am addictd to u and wuld luv to see u live but can't my family and matezz fink i'm mad coz i carry around the booklet from 3 words but i don't fink i am u are gorgous and who cares if u r preggers u shuld b happy i luv u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooxxxxxxxxxoooxxxxxxxxxoooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooxxxxxxxxxxo

  42. charis greenland says:

    it wuld b a big disteaster if she got preggers and left coz i luv her soo much and always look at a pic of her like every 5 mins i hav OCD for her i so much about i wuldn't mind dying after i meet her coz thats my life dream i was gonna go on x factor wen i was 18 but i'm 13 in april so i'm gonna have to wait and she gonna have to stay on the show

  43. Holly says:

    I think cheryl would make a great mum,, I am her biggest fan EVER i love her she's ace!!! But she could do alot better thann ashley!!! Love you cheryl! xx

  44. georgia says:

    i luv cheryl and joe :)<3

  45. Georgie says:

    Cheryl Cole is not pregant yet but she might have a baby i heard on girls aloud of
    the record. I am a huge fan of Cheryl. At school we are doing biographys and i am doing Cheryl!
    I luv u Cheryl i dont know how u can be so pretty especially your advert. Love your album never stop listening to it
    lots of love
    Georgie age 11

  46. irena says:

    yeah your right megan

  47. Irena says:

    i love cheryl cole too she's my favourite singer too and x factor judge and dannii minogue is my favourite on the x factor too i can't wait till american xfactor

  48. cheryl i love nyou so i want to say i think you are pregant. P.S. how did you goone with your wedding xx

  49. angel says:

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  50. Rebecca Weir says:

    Cheryl Cole is a beautiful women,she obviasly can't be pregnant yet.She is way prettier than Dannii Minouge and i have alwas been cheryls biggest fan.

    Love you lots cheryl
    Love rebecca.xxx

  51. charis greenland says:

    u hav probs coz she wuld b a gr8 mum she has changed completely from how she was, just bcoz she grew up in a heroin estate don't mean she like dat . shes changed so much seen den it's unbeleivable if shes pregnant she deserves it the most out of every1 in the world

  52. Lousie says:

    Your write but i hope she does get pregent so i can baby sit.

  53. @xxbubblepopxx says:

    Facebook campaing, get untouchable by girls aloud into the top 10, downloading from 31st Jan @00:00- 6th Feb @23:59x
    plz support this.xxx

  54. cherylcolefan!<3 says:

    If Cheryl does get pregnant, i think she'll be a great mum, and she will have the support from ashley plus family and friends!

    love from devyn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  55. Bethanniee says:

    Whatt?? Write Properly! :L

  56. yoba choba

  57. lowri williams says:

    hey i love u xxx i am the biggest fan u can ask me anything xxx plz add me on faceook my name is lowri williams xxx when are u next in connect can u plz tell me thank u xxx i love u

  58. Rebecca Thompson says:

    I Love you cheryl cole XxX You the best ever and amazing Xx
    Lots of love

  59. patty says:

    cheryl cole ignore all idiots who are trying to destroy your marriage, ashely is just suffering racial abuse because he is black. support your husband and stay with him people are jealous of ashely all men in this world cheats they were all born by one mother. get pregnant soon before you get old money is not every thing in the world, you are already rich what more do you want. support your husband ashely against these racist who doesnt want to see you with ashely. one day you will regret you need ashely by your side.

  60. Andrew MacDonald says:

    When all else fails, bring out the racism card.

    This isnt because people are racist against ashley. Its because he's a lowlife cheating scumbag.

  61. Dorothy says:

    What is all these halabalu of a thing about Cheryl Cole. She should get her acts together there are many fishes in the sea but it when you catch one and whether it would good to it or not or whether you would even catch one. As a bird in hand is worth a thousand in the bush. All this nonsense about not wearing ring or wearing it or having a divorce is rubbish. There is no perfect man or woman or earth so men and women should know this fact and get on with their lives for Gods sake.

  62. Dorogthy says:

    For goodness sake the girl is only 29 years old. What do such young age know about life anyway.

  63. i dont think cheryl is gonna be havin a baby not after whats been goin on with ashley how can she be pregnant with a man who has cheated on her about 4 times that in life is not a man .
    that is unless she has found someone else which i doubht my gal dont need a man anyway she just needs to concentrate on her solo career whitch is going really well
    keep going ma gal
    m xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    always luvin ya

  64. rachel says:

    ur totaly right once a dirty chav always a dirty chav!!!!!!!!!!11

  65. janice morrison says:

    does anyone really care if

  66. georgia says:

    is she really pregnant

  67. bonniee. says:

    from bonniee kemp & cloeeeey bradleey.

  68. Hiyyaa Cheryll iiloveeyourr songss There Brillaint Your Brillant xx

  69. lucy burger says:

    i hope cheryl is there for the x factor and cheryl give me a big hug

  70. naughty nina says:

    ashley cole is low low low low
    cheryl you are so pretty marry some1 tht luvs you

  71. hayley nixon says:

    who is the man that you dance in parachute video

  72. hayley nixon says:

    cherly do you have any babys

  73. becca.c says:

    it said on raido that chery cole is prengent x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xx >3 :) :p x x x x x

  74. BECCA.C says:


    love from becca.c

  75. BECCA.C says:

    i love YOU chery cole you are amazing x x x x x x x x xx :p :) :(

  76. BECCA.C says:

    it said on raido she is prengent
    AND AT
    ME AND
    A DACE

  77. Billie says:

    I don't think shes pregnant. I don't think she will be any time soon. Ya know, with the split and her career on the edge on the edge of imence and whatnot. I dont think she will have a baby for a couple of years

    Billie xx

  78. smithy says:

    Ashley should never have cheated on cheryl she is soooooooooooo pretty who would

  79. smithy says:

    she wont have the support from ashley coz he is an ideot and y did she marry him

  80. Raveena says:

    Cheryl Cole is soooooo not pregnant she don't even look pregnant

  81. Raveena says:

    You are so right

  82. Raveena says:

    Cheryl can not be pregnant so some people are soooo wrong. LOVE YOU LOTS CHERYL Raveena xxxxxxxx

  83. Shannon says:

    I like cheryl Cole and Olly too !!

  84. Becky says:

    Cheryl Cole is going to be a great Mum !!

  85. Laurenlockington+Carismartinson:) says:


  86. Becky says:

    She will be the best mum ever and i am so so happy for her and dannii xxx

  87. Becky says:

    She is my no 1 fan and will always be xx

  88. right all you people think ur cheryl coles best fan thats not true its weird cos when i hear stuff about her and ashley arguing that actually makes me upset.i really do feel for cheryl and i love her shes fantastic and she would make a fantastic mum.i already know she wouldnt read any of these but if she did and reply that would mean the world to me. by cheryl i love youu!
    from leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  89. you are my no 1 fan and i am so so happy for you xxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Becky says:


  91. so am i xxxxxxxxxx

  92. meredith says:

    I love you cheryl! You rock my socks! I love you!
    Keep strong. I'm behind you one hundred million percent in all situations against Ashley, especially this one.
    Get divorced and find your self a lovely boyfriend like Dannii did! xx

  93. that soooooooo true!

  94. cheryl says:

    if cheryl did get pregnant i would soooooooo happy and i think that simon should confort her because simon is really close 2 cheryl!!!
    I LOVE U!

  95. cheryl says:

    u r not right about the bit u said ashley is pretty hot!!! he is sooooo ugly!

  96. cheryl says:

    u must be horrible urself!!! i cant believe u said that! wen she does hav kidz she will be the kindest mum ever!!!!!

  97. bailey says:

    omg she isnt even pregnant so wtf are u going on about…fucking stupid dicks trying to get attention

  98. bailey says:

    cheryl i love you sooo much…i am ur biggest fan and u are my idol…u dont need ashleigh in ur like he is just a bag of shit…love you soooooooo much,xxxxx

  99. Nicole Barry says:

    I think that cheryl cole is pregnant and if she has a baby they will split up

  100. suzannah says:

    she could be pregnet then you dont now do you

  101. james says:

    cheryl your the best and sexiest in the world

  102. abby and beth says:

    We love cheryl cole and hopes she is pregnant we have to mension my sister (Twin)loves cheryl too !!!!!! We love you babe we are bffls and are your no.1 fans (so is my sister)we will have you back we are 10 and nine abby is ten so is her twin madeline and bethany is nine turning ten on the 27th of july 2010 i was 10 0n the 28/3/2010 hope you are still cool and we love you cheryl

  103. sophie says:

    Hi i’m sophie i love u cheryl i got all your books and CDs of girls aloud they rock i really want to meet you but my parents will never let me they hate me i’ve been trying to run away for 11 years and if i did meet you my eyes will fall out of my head. it will mean the world to me if you reply back i’m behind you 100000000000000 per cent love u

    from sophie

  104. madeline abbys twin says:

    yeah i love cheryl cole too hi beth and abby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  105. madeline abbys twin says:

    are that is really sad i hope they dont hate you why dont you ask if you can live with your nan or someone that will make you much happyer wont it x

  106. madeline abbys twin says:

    same she is the best dont you think x

  107. Chloe says:

    Cheryl cole i love you to bits

  108. hi cheryl why dont you tell them your hotmail.co.uk

  109. cheryl cole is gay

  110. kayleigh says:

    if cheryl cole was preagant i will be over the moon because she lots a baby before she split up with ashley cole good luck if she is

  111. I dont think she issss !!!!

  112. bethany says:

    no she isent horrble sooooooooo befor u go and talk about people look at yourself i bet u are a little scruff

  113. Rebecca says:

    I love u cheryl and i will allways xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  114. Timberland Sale says:

    It's very happy to be a pregnant, indeed.

  115. Chinese Handicrafts says:

    Any way, I wish you will be happy, best wishes to you, cheryl cole

  116. ugwrhtjy says:

    she broke up wiw im

  117. Hey its CR9,

    I just want to let you know that yuor seriously hot cheryl and if you ever wantto meat up I dont mind but after I split up with my current gf. My child is very well and I want the child to grow up in your hands.

    Yours sincerely CR9

  118. unknown says:

    i hope she gets better very soon i cant wait till the x factor

  119. shane says:

    i love you cheryl hope you get better very soon

  120. liamford says:

    i hope she is but not with ashley cole only with derek . love the babe ive posters of her like 3 of them

  121. i love Cheryl is very beautiful grill is the best in x factor i love you xxxxxxxxxxx ANA

  122. yaneek says:

    i dont think she is she kinda busy

  123. yaneek says:

    mee tooo

  124. Perchy1 says:

    Cheryle I love you and always will. Xxxxxxx

  125. I LOVE CHERLY i love her

    i dont know if she pregnant i dont realy care she will make the right chose

    lots and lots of love tara

  126. your right

  127. tara you are right`
    i wonder if she i goingto have a baby i know what hr name would name it

  128. i live next to chelyl she lives on hurtmore road and i do tooo.

    lots lots lots of love tara

  129. nicol says:

    i love cheryl cole too nicole

  130. nicole says:

    i love cheryl coles new song promis this. xxxxxxxxxxx

  131. nicole says:

    :* me too

  132. Antonia says:

    what they hell just becuz people have a rough back ground dont make you a rough person when your older i was brought up crap but i get told im nice dont judge people on the way they once were just look at her now shes amazing!

  133. Antonia says:

    Cheryl would be a fab mum she will be a natural look how kind caring a lovely she is i know she has split up with Ashley but if she got with Derek then the kids would be even more cuter but tbh its not all about looks its personalality that matters love you Miss Tweedy xx

  134. Sarah.L says:

    It’s Derek Hough @ hayley nixon. Ok, so you posted that she was pregnant in march, it’s now november, she hasn’t had no baby. You’re a fucking liar @ becca.c

  135. Christopher McMillan says:

    Cheryl all the very best from me and all of Scotland we all love you here to bits.

  136. louise says:

    cheryl cole is good and i know i am only 11 but i am doing what i can to keep cherly cole

  137. chloe says:

    good luck cheryl

  138. If cheryl is going 2 have a baby. that baby would be lucky 2 have u as their mum. love u cheryl!!!

    from amy

  139. shirley says:

    my dear cheryl ,follow your dreams and stay faithful ,your body is precious,you are not the type just for flings you are a lady,,, love your husband he love you,the female that is out there is cheap and really want to break you,,,

  140. YOU ARE 1 SPAS

  141. kingkhan says:

    shes mine i made her pregant ask her xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx luv u cheryle babe 4 evaaaa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx king khan

  142. alisha says:

    i dont want cheryl cole because she is all ready perfect n ever way xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LOVE YOU BABY GIRL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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