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Cheryl Cole Landed £2.1Million TV Deal

Cheryl Cole Landed £2.1Million TV Deal

Cherly-Cole-Landed-£2.1Million-TV-Deal Cheryl Cole has landed herself a £2.1 Million TV deal and has been crowned the Queen of ITV.

Sexy Cheryl Cole currently has a salary of £820,00 with The X Factor and this is due to rise to a staggering £1.1million next year. Cheryl is also set to receive a “golden handcuffs” contract on top of that for an extra £1million per year to host a few prime time shows on ITV1.

Someone from ITV1 last night said “This is an enormous coup for ITV. Cheryl has major appeal across ages and genders for her beauty and down-to-earth personality. Times are tough in telly land like everywhere else, but the option of bringing someone of Cheryl’s calibre into the station is too good to pass up.”

It is yet to be decided what kind of shows Cheryl Cole, 25, could be hosting but an insider has added: “They’re discussing whether Cheryl should host a chat show, but they also know the void left by Cilla Black’s in light entertainment has never really been filled.” They also said “Basically they want her to become the Queen of ITV.”

After landing this deal it has made Cheryl Cole the biggest earning TV star after £3million a year Weakest Link host Anne Robinson. It is also believed that the Girls Aloud star is going to receive a record breaking £3million deal for a book about her anguish over her husband Ashley Cole’s infidelity last year with Aimee Walton and her rise to fame.

A source from the publishing industry has said “Cheryl’s book would be a gauranteed best seller. Her views on what went on between her and Ashley when he was caught cheating would be explosive.”

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