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Cheryl Cole Leaves Country In Wake of Ashley Cole's Affairs

Cheryl Cole Leaves Country In Wake of Ashley Cole’s Affairs

If anyone was in any doubt over Cheryl Cole’s emotions following recent allegations of Ashley Cole’s Cheating, those doubts were cleared up this morning as she was spotted fleeing the country.

The Geordie singer – who performed Fight For This Love at The Brits last night – was spotted at Heathrow Airport this morning as she jetted off to Los Angeles for some time to herself. According to reps, Cheryl will be spending one week in America for “writing and recording sessions.

But her fans and the media alike think she is actually leaving England for a week for some time to reflect on the Ashley Cole Scandals which have arose over the last 7 days. Those include Ashley sending X-Rated pictures to a topless model, and sleeping with an unnamed secretary, sending her upto 300 sexually-explicit texts and photos.

Dressed casually in a black hoodie and wearing dark shades, Cheryl continued her dignified silence following the revelations. Last week she BANNED Ashley Cole from attending The Brit Awards last night, but that was when she only knew about the photos sent to the model.

When Cheryl found out about his affairs with the secretary, she allegedly hit the roof, and wanted to leave the country immediately, but couldn’t due to her commitments with the Brits. Cheryl was seen without her wedding ring on at the airport this morning, though she was wearing another ring on her wedding finger.

What Cheryl Cole decides to do following Ashley’s latest infidelities, only time will tell, but the bulk of you think she should get rid of him with immediate affect.

So that’s what she SHOULD do, but what do you think Cheryl WILL do??? Comments below please….


  1. kayleigh says:

    Aww bless her :(

    She should really ditch him, but she will take him back, cos she states that their in love. And she still has the wedding ring on

    Aww i feel so sorry for her

    x x x

  2. sophie says:

    i know shes going to take him back but i really really really dont want her too :( i think people will loose respect for her if she takes him back xx

  3. kayleigh says:

    yeah i think some people will, but i most definately wont, x x x

  4. @xxbubblepopxx says:

    Poor Cheryl, :( she wanted kids nd everything, Ashley is a cheating scumbag, he dont deserve her, she cn do soo much betterxx

  5. angie says:

    I feel sorry for poor cheryl this year that the way he has cheated on her. and she just right to go away for a week to la. cheryl . she needs a little break away from him. i want say she was really frantic last night on the brits xxxx

  6. sabahat says:

    I think they were a great couple, and if i saw her at Heathrow Airport i would stop her. I read in a magazine that she is going to expose their marriage and get married again although i have a feeling they coul get back together again

  7. sabahat says:

    She was graet on the Brits and so were JLS

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