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Has Cheryl Cole Had A Lip Job?

Has Cheryl Cole Had A Lip Job?

In the past there have been various rumors about if Cheryl has had plastic surgery or not. Despite all of this we still don’t know if Cheryl has ever resorted to surgery. The most recent rumor is “has Cheryl had a lip job?”

Just the other day when Cheryl was at London airport, paparazzi were trying to take her picture but she put her hand over her mouth when walking through. Witnesses have said that Cheryl’s lips did look a lot fuller than normal and looked like she had possibly had them plumped. One person who is said to work with Cheryl said that Cheryl has not resorted to botox and it is simply just her lipgloss.  

A fan of Cheryl’s then replied ” If it was just gloss, her female fans would love to know which one because they seemed plumper and fuller”. Lots of people have also said that her lips looked more pronounced at the NTA awards just last wednesday. 

SO what do you believe? Has Cheryl resorted to botox or are her lips just simply gorgeous?


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I dont think Cheryl has had a lip job, but he whole face seems to loook a little fuller, as if she's put on a little weight??

  2. sophie says:

    haha the baby theory andrew (y)

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Don't think she has. And you know the papz, they can just edit the picture. They don't have anything to write about so they make something up with the Nations Sweet heart. I believe Cheryl 100 %. She hasn't had anything done

  4. kayleigh says:

    I DOnt beleive a word of this post, because i seen on a interview with jonathon ross that she does not like the idea of surgery, because she is only 26, and thinks that, its not worth it, you are who you are. So i dont really beleive this post. And yeah i agree a bit, because the paps, are posting that she has put on a little bit of weight, but its not a bad thing, expecially with her she will look beautiful all the time !! ly x xx

  5. sophie says:

    ahha i know like i said could just be a rumor

  6. Livvv. x says:

    i really really really hope she hasn't, but you can't really deny these photo's…Cheryl was like perfect so hopefullly these are just rumours! and she hasn't ruined herself.

    ilove cheryl! lip job or no lip jobbbbbbbbbb :-) xxx

  7. Hannah Goodall says:

    hope that picture is edited cause it looks badd

  8. cheryl looks great if she is her lip gloss then what one is it

  9. anran says:

    I don't think Cheryl has had a lip job

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