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Cheryl Cole Looks Super Sexy In Silver Mini-Dress on Danish X Factor

Cheryl Cole Looks Super Sexy In Silver Mini-Dress on Danish X Factor

Cheryl Cole was seen leaving the country on Thursday on her way to Copenhagen to perform on the Danish version of The X Factor, and boy does she look hot!!!

The sexy Girls Aloud singer was beaming after flying solo, making her first public performance since the official split with hubby Ashley Cole. The defiant singer also used her maiden name of Cheryl Tweedy to fly out of London, and to book the hotel room.

Last night she performed Fight For This Love on their version of The X Factor, and was of course performing without her wedding ring. No surprises there!! Cheryl told the audience: “It’s a pleasure to be here.

It’s also emerged over the last few days that Cheryl is “upset” with her bandmate Nadine Coyle, who has not been in contact with Cheryl since her split with Ashley. A pal of Cole said: “This could be the final straw which splits the band up.

Now Cheryl has completed her performance stop in Copenhagen, she is expected to fly on to France to hold crisis talks with Ashley over where they take their marriage from here.

Good luck Chezza. You’re going to need it!


  1. Elizabeth says:

    BOY OH BOY!! SHE LOOKS SMOKIN HAWT. well… she always does so it's not really surprising, but JESUS IT'S GETTING HAWT IN HERE!! :) <3

    The stupid fucking host on the Danish XFactor kept calling her Cheryl COLE! im like WOULD YOU STOP. HAVENT YOU READ THE NEWS LATELY? I GUESS NOT. Poor Cheryl, bless her. She looked so sad at the end of her performance and even worse after the host kept saying COLE. LMFAO cheryl got so annoyed. She looked like she was gonna cry at the end and she kept moving her arms to try not to show. Good on her for putting a brave face for the public. See this is called a role model. For people out there who say LILY ALLEN is your role model, you desperately need a new one.

  2. devynkidney xxxxxx says:



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