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Cheryl Cole Looses Glossy Image as She Steps Out With Matted Hair

Cheryl Cole Looses Glossy Image as She Steps Out With Matted Hair

Cheryl Cole Matted Hair We all know Cheryl Cole has always projected a clean, sleek and glossy image to her fans and the press alike, so when she stepped out this morning looking a little worse-for-wear, the press (unfairly) jumped on the bandwagon to point out the fact.

With her glossy locks and hair extensions, always impeccably groomed Cheryl Cole was always the perfect choice to become the new face of L’Oreal. Just as she’s about to launch a major advertising campaign for L’Oreal on ITV1 at 8.48pm this evening during the ad break for Coronation Street, she steps out looking like her hair could do with a helping hand.

Just as she arrived at the ITV studios this morning ahead of a dress-rehearsal for tomorrow nights first live final, the press were there to capture the image.

The L’Oreal advertising campaign which debut’s tonight on ITV features the star asking: “Have you lost your hair mojo?” And it seems the answer from Cheryl should most certainly be… ‘Yes’.

The press all seem to be saying Cheryl needs to take some advice from her own promotional brand, as the new product – Elvive Full Restore 5 – targets weak, limp, dull, lifeless and straw-like hair.

The sexy Girls Aloud singer is rumoured to spend around £40,000 PER YEAR on her hair and makeup  alone, and to keep her sleek glossy image, has a total annual bill of £100,000.

But today, the normally bouncy, shiny-haired judge looked tired and drawn as she arrived in a grey sweater and checked shirt and chatting on her mobile phone.

These pictures come as Cheryl Cole wins a ‘Hairstyle of the Week Award‘, along with Girls Aloud bandmate, Kimberley Walsh.

Cheryl Cole will be on TV this time tomorrow evening, where she will hopefully mentor one of her finalists, which includes Jo McElderry, Lloyd Daniels and Rikki Loney to The X Factor Final.

Cheryl Cole Matted Hair


  1. if my hair looked like that in the morning i would be pleased!!

  2. Chickieee says:

    God it doesnt look that bad ! seriously the paps are just so desperate for someone to get at , well leave cheryl alone !! shes my idol love you so much hun xxxxxx

  3. So what if her hair was matted! No ones perfect.
    LLove you chezza

  4. @xxbubblepopxx says:

    whats wrong with it, honestly every1 has a bad hair day sum times even Cheryl Cole.

  5. chloe says:

    she looks great

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