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Cheryl Cole Losing Battle of Babes to Dannii in £500k Hair-Style Ban

Cheryl Cole Losing Battle of Babes to Dannii in £500k Hair-Style Ban

Dannii Minogue Vs Cheryl Cole Cheryl Cole and her fashion advisers feel she is LOSING this season’s glamour battle with Dannii Minogue, because she is physically BANNED by L’Oreal from changing her hair style.

Girls Aloud turned Solo Singer, Cheryl has kept her hair the same as on her L’Oreal ads because she is banned from changing her style under the terms set-out in the £500,000 sponsorship deal she signed.

Meanwhile, Dannii Minogue has sported various funky styles this year including an Elvis Quifff, Cleopatra Fringe, Pixie Crop and a Bardot Bob, all making her look super-sexy.

Even Simon Cowell’s best friend, Sinitta said: “Dannii’s hair and fashion choices are just fantastic so Cheryl is not the golden girl any more. Dannii’s definitely been winning the battle of the babes with Cheryl.” And you know what, despite loving Cheryl, I completely agree with Sinitta. Dannii has most definitely been winning the battle of the babes this year.

Cheryl Cole’s stylists are having a hard time trying to keep her looking fresh, with the stylists being limited to simple hair styles such as an over-the-shoulder plait, a pinned-up do or her usual long tresses.

Millions of people have seen the Cheryl Cole L’Oreal Adverts, where Cheryl is seen asking viewers: “Have you lost your hair mojo?” But according to show insiders, the answer from Cheryl herself may well be YES.

Last night an X Factor source told a national tabloid: “One of the best ways a celeb can keep the public’s eyes on them is to do something bold and daring – just ask Victoria Beckham. Cheryl’s big hair is a great look, but it’s her only look right now. At the very least, the stylists would like to give it a colour change. There’s a feeling that Cheryl has not done enough to keep fans interested. She’s had long extensions since she started as a judge last year.

So what do you think fellow-Cheryl Cole fans? Do you think Cheryl is loosing battle of the babes with sexy Dannii Minogue? Leave us a comment below…


  1. @BarbiieStar says:

    I totally DISAGREE ! I think Cheryl Cole is looking beautiful than ever . Its not a competition between Cheryl And Danii but the articles and the press are making it look like there in a fight and there trying to look better than each other to get the public's attention . I think Cheryl and Danii are both beautiful and are unique in there different ways so please stop writing stupid articles to try and make us think there in a fight .

  2. JESSICA says:

    i totally disagree. Cheryl loves her hair long anyway and she wouldn't want/suit a bob. And no her hair hasnt lost its mojo. Its perfect and always is.

  3. i totally disagree! cheryl will always be beautiful. her hair is just perfect and amazing just like her.

  4. jesus! there is not a battle between them – they are just oth pretty and have good style. and cheryls hair hasnt lost its mojo its perfectly fine… ish

  5. Cheryl is a natural beauty and does not need to try, her long bouncy hair is great! She does not need to try for a new idea each week like Dannii and besides Cheryl is all real so even if they were in a war they needn’t be as Dannii lost ages ago when she became mostly botox as she admits.

  6. Katie says:

    Ohh there is no question about it that Danii is more sophisticated and displayed greater sense of fashion. Cheryl looks more like a WAG and a barbie doll

  7. cheryl cole's hair is the best, I will always stick up for chery cole cos she is my idol, & i am her no.#1 fan

  8. Christopher McMillan says:

    Cheryl’s hair is just lovely she always lookes great and does a super job of it.

  9. acctually her hair is extensions. there for its not natural.. and neithers her face shes had just as many treatments as any other ‘star’

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