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Cheryl Cole Loves Tracksuits

Cheryl Cole Loves Tracksuits

cheryl cold Former Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole thinks that there’s nothing “better” than putting on her off-duty outfit, which, apparently, consists of a tracksuit and no make-up.

The Call My Name singer said her favorite look is to be in her comfy tracksuit without any make-up. She also said that she feels very relaxed at her home in Newcastle, dressed in her favorite sportswear, slicked back ponytail and showing off her natural look.

Cheryl, 30, told UK’s HELLO! magazine that she puts on sunscreen while in Los Angeles, but when in Newcastle, she wears no make-up most of the time and relax in her tracksuit.

Cheryl, who once judges both US and UK versions of The X Factor admitted that she did have some bad habits, before she rose to fame with Girls Aloud back in 2002, which includes smoking and drinking one of her worse beauty vices. When asked what stresses her skin the most, Cheryl replied its drinking wine and the occasional smoking, which dehydrates the skin.

Cheryl, once called one of the most beautiful women in the world by X Factor boss and music mogul Simon Cowell, also believes that a person’s beauty comes from within oneself and it’s the personality that make someone attractive.

Cheryl, is reportedly working on her new upcoming album in London, while dividing her time in Los Angeles, where her current boyfriend Tre Holloway lives.

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