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Cheryl Cole: Male Rocker Could Win X Factor

Cheryl Cole: Male Rocker Could Win X Factor

X Factor Judges In a recent interview, Cheryl Cole said she thinks a rocker could win the 2009 series of The X Factor, which returns to our screens this Saturday evening.

All of the judges have hinted that the male singers, and especially those in the over 25′s category stand the best chance of winning this year. Keep reading for more of Cheryl Cole’s X Factor Interview.

Are you happy with the new look auditions?

“I‘d just found my feet with the show as last year was my first year and then they go and change the format! I felt the rug was pulled from under my feet with the changes but thankfully I’ve really enjoyed the new process, it works so well.

We, as judges are also judged now on what we say and think, if we dont like an act but the audience do, they certainly let us know about it!

What are the most memorable auditions this year?

We had a male rocker who was AMAZING! He totally blew everyone away on stage, the audience buzz during and after his performance was electric. We also had a guy who came on and sang a ballad and he created the same kind of audience buzz.”

Do you feel that the fact you were once a contestant helps you to judge auditions with a clearer understanding of how they’re feeling?

I feel this year I’m more experienced as a judge and in saying no. I struggled at first last year in saying no to people, I think I may have been giving false hope. This year, I’ve learned more, I’m more able to say no to people that don’t have what we’re looking for and I don’t feel as bad.”

Who on the Judging panel do you find you mostly agree with?

I hate to say this but I tend to agree with Simon but at the same time, I’m more than happy to disagree with him.

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