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Cheryl Cole 'May Dye Hair Red Again!'

Cheryl Cole ‘May Dye Hair Red Again!’

Cheryl Cole Red Hair Cheryl Cole is considering changing her hair colour by going red again. The Girls Aloud star temporarily went red recently for a magazine shoot and loved the colour so much that she may go back.

Although Cheryl did admit that her husband footballer Ashley Cole wouldn’t like it – not that she takes notice of what he wants!

Oh I couldn’t care less! I loved it and that’s the main thing. I might consider doing it again, but permanently.” Says the X Factor star.

Cole also spoke her past hair disasters when she was younger, telling InStyle: “I used to think you could wash your hair with a bar of soap. Then there was the time I was overweight and I cut my hair short. It made my face look moon-like.” Added the ‘Fight For This Love‘ singer.”

It’s a shame, because it stopped me from cutting it again. I associate long hair with feeling good. At school, whoever had the longest hair was the coolest girl.

Who thinks Cheryl Cole should go red again?


  1. sophie says:

    i think red was nice because it was quite subtle and she can pull anything she wanted off tbh, but i thought her loreal deal said she couldn't do anything drastic with her hair ?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    she looks good in anything. she could go out in a plastic bag and look gorgeous :D. she looked really nice in red. she'll pull it off

  3. Hannah says:

    it looks amazing on her but i swear she in her loreal contract it said she wasnt allowed to change it? but whatever she does she will pull off :) x

  4. u look good with eney couler of hair but it looks better the way it is xxxxx

  5. Christopher McMillan says:

    I think Cheryl’s red hair looks goos she suits it perfectly. Have seen many other women in the street’s wearing red hair dye just to copy Cheryl.

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