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Cheryl Cole New French Boyfriend Jean-Bernard Is Ready To Propose

Cheryl Cole New French Boyfriend Jean-Bernard Is Ready To Propose

cheryl cole jean-bernard It’s only been eleven week they have been dating.

Apparently, Cheryl Cole’s new French boyfriend Jean-Bernard is so smitten by her that he’s ready to propose!

Well, we aren’t that surprised as we all know that the Girls Aloud star wants to get settled and make babies and all that. But still, slow down Mr. France, before your freak out Cheryl!

A source told Heat that Jean is very intense; he always wants to be around her constantly, and within week of dating her, he’s already throwing comments like, “when we’re married”. The source added that Jean even said it front of Cheryl’s mother Joan and referred to her as his “mother-in-law”.

We think that at first Cheryl, 31, first laughed it off, but in quieter times Jean has told her that he’s never felt like this with anyone before and is ready to settle down.

Jean-Bernard is a restaurateur and owns the Cosy Box restaurant in Cannes, France. The couple has been dating since they met in Cannes in May this year.

If everything goes according to plan, then this would be Cheryl’s second marriage after she divorced her English footballer husband Ashley Cole back in 2010 after he cheated on her with a string of women. So we understand if she wanted to take things a little bit slowly and be extra cautious. And this is why not all at Team Cheryl is happy about as Mr. France is rushing things with her.

In addition, the source also reported that Jean wasn’t actually invited to board X Factor private plane trip to Scotland, but he showed up anyway. The source said it was awkward as no one knew he would be coming, considering that it was a work trip, not a fun thing.

However, Cheryl Cole has good words about her new French beau as she recently said that things have been good between them.

Jean-Bernard is Cheryl’s first actual boyfriend since she ended her relationship with her backup dancer Tre Holloway last year. In the meantime, there have been rumors that she has been hooking up with her Girls Aloud band mate Kimberley Walsh’s brother, but these allegations were proven untrue after she started dating Jean.

It’s claimed that the two first met at Jean’s restaurant in Cannes, and he managed to woo Cheryl turning them into the talk of the town at the Cannes Film Festival, where they were reportedly called the “electric couple”.

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