Cheryl Cole On Prince Harry’s Naked Pictures: “I Love Him”

Cheryl Cole Prince Harry First it was Lady Gaga who said Prince Harry’s naked photos were “fit”, and won’t create much backlash but she criticized his pal who leaked them on the internet.

Now, Cheryl Cole says she still loves the party loving Prince even after all these naked pictures controversy from a party in Las Vegas.

The “Call My Name” star who has great admiration for Prince Harry tweeted, “I love Prince Harry !!! #Vegas”.

Cheryl,29, on various occasions has spoken in the past that she loves the Royal including in a Marie Claire interview saying that he is good looking and a bit rebellious.

The “Under The Sun” singer also admitted she even dreamt about getting married to the Prince.

Cheryl Cole who is currently romantically involved with US dance Tre Holloway is in Los Angeles preparing for her upcoming solo UK Arena tour.