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Cheryl Cole Or Sausage Roll?

Cheryl Cole Or Sausage Roll?

cheryl cole sausage roll A campaign has recently been launched to see if a sausage roll can become more popular than our pop princess, Cheryl Cole. The group is on facebook (which some of you might have already seen) is simply called: ‘Can this sausage roll get more fans than cheryl cole?’

I’m sure you will all agree it is a stupid group that needs to be stopped. Its aim is to get more fans on facebook than the Cheryl Cole fan group which currently has 1,506,045 fans. The sausage roll group has 725,653 fans at the moment, which is a lot bearing in mine it was only founded this year on the 30th of January. And now this group is even starting to encourage people to remove themselves from the Cheryl Cole group! Also after finding out about the race to get untouchable back in to the charts they have chosen a song called ‘Sausage Roll’ by Grandad Roberts and his son elvis, which they are going to promote to try and make it more successful than Cheryl’s songs. The song is awful but if you want to listen to it for yourselves follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30_50J94m84 to the youtube video and tell us what you think.

The unnamed founders of the group are rumoured to be a pair of 11-year-old boys who continue to make regular announcements on the campaign’s progress after more than 100,000 fans joined in under two days. They have posted things for everyone to see like: “Just think, this sausage roll could become more famous than Cheryl Cole. Won’t that be a sight to see.” I think we can all agree that we need to do all we can to get more fans on the Cheryl Cole group and encourage everyone not to join the Sausage Roll group because if they get more fans than it will be embarassing.

The cheeky fans have even uploaded edited photos of Cheryl which are meant to be funny but are actually just stupid. The group has been quoted saying how pathetic Cheryl Cole fans are but the people who spend they’re time editing sausage rolls in to gorgeous pictures of our nations sweetheart are really the pathetic ones!

Take a look at some of the photos they have uploaded in this gallery and give us your opinion in the comments area below…


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Couldn't agree with you more. This is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen.

    It does, however, surprise me that the group has over 750k fans, and Cheryl only has 1.5m. It really wouldnt surprise me if this group actually does win this race, because people are going to join the sausage roll group just for the novelty factor.

  2. Limbo says:

    Since when is CC the 'nations sweetheart'?! I can't stand all the pre-fabricated crap that her & the likes of Simon Cowell pump out – original song writing by musicians (you might remember them, they actually had a talent for playing insturments and singing without technical enhancement). And quite frankly, you've given the sausage roll thing so much brilliant publicity here, you're a complete numpty. Sausage rolls ro0ck. CC is a complete rake.

  3. Terry Tibbs says:


    I know what I'd rather have at my party.

  4. El Thomo says:

    Kudos to Limo… she's a talentless, chavy, fairly fit (through enhancements) thug.

  5. sophie says:

    guys seriously FUCK OFF

  6. Michael J Fox says:

    didnt Cheryl Cole get done for relations with a minor a couple of years back? Id rather see a sausage roll on my TV than that racist sexual predator! Rolls give kids a warm feeling inside, something Cole and her abuse takes away from them!

  7. Terry Tibbs says:

    Erm … no.

  8. Andrew MacDonald says:

    In the words of Meatloaf, I Couldn't have said it better myself Sophie.

  9. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Err, no she didn't so I dont know where your getting your info from!!

  10. Terry Tibbs says:

    In the words of Cheryl Cole, Shut ya face and give us a lolly.

  11. Andrew MacDonald says:

    In the words of me, Andrew MacDonald, shut the fuck up and go to some other website. You're IP has been blocked, so your ability to comment on this website no longer exists B)

  12. ccoleisatwat says:

    haha cc is a twat who enjoys being cheated on by an typical wog

  13. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Funny how this particular post has attracted more hate-comments than any article published on this site in the last six months.

    Im betting they are all the idiots from the Sausage Roll group on Facebook. pathetic bunch of wankers. Taking time out of their very busy day to search for a website based on somebody they clearly do not like, then spending even more time leaving hate-comments.

    You work out who the "twat" is, in your own words.

  14. sophie says:

    question …
    do you have nothing better to do with your life than find fan sites and write shit ALL over them
    thought not :/

  15. kayleigh says:

    Those guys are pathetic they dont have a clue what they are on about, with the whole abuse thing that happend in 2003 "ithink". Dont take no nothice, thry dont have a clue what they are on about. You can tell they aint fans cos they no nothing about her Amd :@ :@ they do my head in just fuck off !!!

  16. katie says:

    Omg sum ppl are so pafetic if ya dont lyk cheryl cole then why the fuck do u cum on to a cheryl cole fansyt n y wud a fukin saussage roll get more fans some ppl are rli sad n the song finkg is bloody awful x

  17. ImNoFollower Thanks says:

    By Jenny McCartney for the Telegraph
    Published: 12:01AM GMT 02 Nov 2003

    Very little is truly shocking nowadays. Quentin Tarantino's blood-splattered film Kill Bill is about as exciting as de-bunging the bathroom plughole, and Jake and Dinos Chapman's entry for the Turner Prize – a bronze sculpture of what looks like two blow-up plastic dolls having oral sex – would scarcely raise the eyebrows of an Edinburgh maiden aunt. Isn't that sort of thing on Channel 4 every night of the week?

    It was unexpected, therefore, to find myself properly, miserably shocked recently – in the sense of feeling genuine surprise, quickly followed by depression – by the aftermath of the squalid case of 20-year-old Cheryl Tweedy, the pop star who was convicted of punching a lavatory attendant last January in a Surrey nightclub imaginatively called The Drink.

    For those not abreast of developments in the pop world, Miss Tweedy is a member of a manufactured group called Girls Aloud, created from the winners of a televised contest called Popstars, the Rivals. The girls, who all look spectacularly good in mini-dresses, attract their teenage audience with slickly designed songs of rebellion, and lyrics such as "I don't need no good advice, I'm already wasted."

    On the night of the assault, Cheryl Tweedy was already wasted – on vodka and Red Bull, wine and complimentary champagne – when she staggered down to the ladies' lavatories. There sat 38-year-old Sophie Amogbokpa, a black lavatory attendant, who earned a paltry £25 a night with which she funded her part-time law degree. In the course of a dispute – during which Miss Amogbokpa requested that Tweedy pay up for the sweets she had snatched – an energised Tweedy punched her very hard in the eye. In the pictures, Amogbokpa looked as if she had been horribly mugged: she suffered pain for weeks.

    Tweedy was charged with both racially-aggravated assault and simple assault. The former hinged on whether she had called Miss Amogbokpa "a fucking bitch" as a witness claimed, or "a fucking black bitch" as Miss Amogbokpa subsequently claimed. The jury decided that there was not enough evidence that Tweedy's assault was prompted by racism rather than uncomplicated viciousness, and so convicted her of plain assault. The judge called it "an unpleasant piece of drunken violence" for which Tweedy had shown "no remorse whatsoever". Well, that's it, I assumed, Tweedy will now get the sack.

    Keep Reading —>>

  18. ImNoFollower Thanks says:

    She didn't: instead, the record bosses at Polydor breathed a collective sigh of relief that the racism charge was overturned, and a spokesman blithely announced that: "Cheryl's position in Girls Aloud is not affected." A few days later, Tweedy was prancing around on Top of the Pops. The personalised message to fans on her website reads: "thank U so much 4 everything. I really appreciate it: loadsa love hugs and kisses" – rather as though she had just been through some terrible kidnapping ordeal that was no fault of her own.

    Had Tweedy been convicted of racially-aggravated assault, Polydor was preparing to eject her from the band. Racism is to the music world what extramarital sex was to John Major's government: to insult Miss Amogbokpa as a black woman would have been career suicide. Even the white rapper Eminem – known at the beginning of his career for the reckless vitriol that he poured upon women and gay men – was smart enough to steer clear of lyrics attacking black people. If he hadn't, he would still be stuck in his trailer park, eating his Mom's spaghetti.

    To punch Miss Amogbokpa simply because she was a human being trying to do a thankless job properly, however, appears to pose no public relations problem at all. The all-powerful machine that grinds out "celebrity" can even absorb such a brutish little incident and use it to garnish the perpetrator's lucrative "bad-girl" image.

    If pressed, apologists for Tweedy hint that such bad behaviour "is what pop stars do". It isn't, actually. There is a clear difference between drinking and drugging oneself to self-destruction – the traditional hobbies of the off-duty rock star, however senseless – and physically attacking someone who has done you no harm. Even blind rages are rarely blind of self-interest: it is worth noting that Tweedy hasn't yet thumped her boss at Polydor, or even the manager of the VIP lounge at The Drink. She chose to vent her drunken fury on the humble lavatory attendant, someone she considered of little account.

    What will be even more disturbing is if Britain's teenagers buy this nonsense. Teenagers are very keen on fairness: they are wont to cry over homelessness and furry animals caught in traps. Yet sometimes unfairness is extremely close to home, and it doesn't get much more glaring than a freshly-minted pop star assuming she has the right to skip down from the VIP area and rough up an older woman who is working for £25 a night.

    The loutishness of Cheryl Tweedy – and what the music industry's indifference to it says about the power of celebrity – should repel us. But the most shocking thing of all is how few people seem to be in the least bothered by it.

    What say you to that……?

    To Cole (formerly Tweedy) and all the twats followers :-)

  19. Andrew MacDonald says:

    What i say to that???

    If you read the persons original comment, you will find he said, in his words: "Didnt Cheryl get done for relations with a minor a few years back."

    Relations with a minor are defined as physical relations with the minor. NOWHERE in his comment did he mention ANYTHING about an assault.

    The original comment also described Cheryl Cole as "a racist sexual predator!" –

    Again, Cheryl Cole has NEVER been done for any sexual related offences, so get your fucking facts right, and read the original comment before you come back here thinking your all smart, just because you have pasted a story from the telegraph which has absolutely FUCK ALL to do with the original comment.

  20. ImNoFollower Thanks says:

    Funny,, you didn't comment on my FACTUAL comment lol

  21. sophie says:

    like i said you SERIOUSLY have no life

  22. StopBeingaNobAndrew says:

    does anyone know where i can get a roll vs cole t-shirt?

  23. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I think you'll find you'll be the one looking like a nob in a t-shirt like that.

    Silly little muppet.

  24. sophie says:

    I know!
    Try: iamafuckingnob.co.uk

  25. Andrew MacDonald says:

    hahaha!!! Nice one Soph Soph!!

  26. lewis says:

    haha well said VIVA LA SAUSAGE ROLL!

  27. Johnny says:

    Really people, don't fret. It's only a sausage roll, and a bit of fun. Why not eh? Andrew and Sophie the way you're reacting is encouraging flaming on your site. Don't block people by IP. Get involved and lighten up.

  28. sophie says:

    annoying comments are a serious waste of our time especially when they go into that much detail ^

  29. kate London Babyx says:

    well said !!

  30. kate London Babyx says:

    Disgusting- i hate her…. actual HATE!!! How can she ever ben called a role model?

  31. kate London Babyx says:

    No you obviosly have no life & appear to minimise & even support her racist behavour- sophie & andrew = complete twats!

  32. DannyDD says:

    chezzas a tramp whos just made it big by sucking off cowell & wearing little dresses!
    The onle people who supprt her are clueless, ignorant shallow people- sorry but its true! (look beyond the false lashes, hair extensions, layers of slap, nose job………)

  33. sophie says:

    love the way your holding onto something that happened about 7 years ago
    why are you on this website if you dont like cheryl?!?!?!

  34. You take it so seroisuly, its just a joke :/

  35. swiftmed says:

    Kate London Babyx = BANNED!!

  36. swiftmed says:

    Hey DannyDD, or is it Kate London Babyx???

    You do realise i can see the IP address of the people who comment on this website dont you? so when you sad CUNTS come round here using different names, it stands out like a sore thumb. And I have absolutely no problem in telling everybody about it either, so who is the REAL sad fucker here?

    Us people who run a FANSITE, or you idiots who come round here with nothing better to do with your time other than leave loads of different comments under loads of different names. Go figure…

  37. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Well explain to us why the fuck you are spending your time on Cheryl Cole Fansites then??? If you "Hate, actual HATE!!!" her???

    Sad prick.

  38. Andrew MacDonald says:

    What response did you expect to get from us??

    We are a group of people who are all a fan of a certain person, and on ONE article, we have 15/20 people all coming here to leave hate-mail for a person they supposedly dont like???

    Do you expect us to welcome them with open arms??? Cus as long as im running this site, that aint gonna happen!!

  39. sophie says:

    how bout everyone just stops commenting unless its a nice comment !

  40. i don’t care what she does she’s still my idol and she makes me laugh

  41. JoeBloggs says:

    This is awesome Common Roll take that slut down!

  42. Real Person says:

    Why are you "Cheryl Cole Fans" so sincere about all this? She's just a manufactured pop star. If her talent passed from the world, they'd just slot another one in, straight away. Wise up and stop giving that prat Cowell and this convicted violent tart, money – they don't deserve it.

    If you have two brain cells, rub them together and see the light!

  43. Andrew MacDonald says:

    If Cheryl Cole is this person you say she is, and represents the person you have described in your comment, why did you feel the need to take 5 minutes out of your day to search for a Cheryl FANSITE, and spend another 2 minutes writing hate-mail??.

    If you don't like her as much as you say you don't, why bother coming to this site in the first place?

  44. LOL the FB page is freaking hilarious. It's deffs gonna get more fans than Cheryl.

  45. Beckyy says:

    I actually think its pathetic:S A sasauge? Come on how sad are they?

  46. Andrew/Sophie, the reason people are commenting on her when they don't like Cheryl is because you've risen to the whole Cole/roll thing, which then makes i more ammusing to them. Classic case of over reaction.

  47. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Well we enjoy a good argument around here.

    The fact that you idiots who don't actually like cheryl take 30 minutes out of your day to search for Cheryl sites, well, that says everything we need to know about your sad existence of a life.

  48. I stumbled accross this page due to being a fan of the facebook group: "Can this sausage roll get more fans than Cheryl Cole?" I don't see how she's a natural treasure. Nothing about her is natural and she certainly isn't a treasure. She's a racist scum bag, who has no talent whatsoever. She can't sing, she says the same things on The X Factor every single week and her voice makes my ears bleed.
    Most people would have remorse over punching somebody, whether they were drunk or not, she on the other hand refuses to apologise and felt nothing towards the lady who was working those sorts of shifts to pay for her career.
    I don't understand how people on here can say all those nice lovely things about her after what she's done. The music industry these days is going down the plughole with artists like Cheryl.

    She is everything we say we hate about society yet everyone falls at her feet because she's beautiful and lovely.
    She's beautiful you say? Well anybody would be with that amount of surgery.
    She's lovely you say? HA! She's a chav stuck in a plastic person's body.

    I, for one, can't wait to see her career go down the pan just like her marriage.

  49. Michael Rodgers says:

    The unnamed founders of the group are rumoured to be a pair of 11-year-old boys???
    They clearly state their names as chris freeman & tom lindsey, so you can forget that argument straight away. I honestly dont know why the cheryl lovers are so bothered about a sausage roll maybe getting more fans, will it make her less popular? no, will it harm her in any way? no, is it a facebook page designed as a little joke that took off due to it's catchy name? yes.
    Oh and I was probably the one who started the idea 'to encourage people to remove themselves from the Cheryl Cole group!' back when the group had about 100'000 fans, if you consider cheryl's number of fans has gone from about 1'503'000 back then to about 1'522'000 now, that particular ploy seems to have been unsuccessful. So you, hannah goodall, and the majority of commentors should stop making so much noise about nothing, Long live the sausage roll!!!

  50. angel says:

    I don't think sausage roll will get more fans than cheryl cole, support cheryl cole!

  51. To late now, she's got the money, Bitch

  52. Cheryl says:

    Cheryl Wasn't Being Racist. The Girl Who She"Atacked" Was Actully A Toilet Atendent. Sophie(The Girl Who Got" Atacked") Punched Cheryl. Cheryl Just Gave Her Self Efence Back! I Mean Everyone Knows Cheryl Wouldn't Do That Otherwise She Wouldn't Be Were She Is Now, Would She And In My Opion I Would Rather Have Cheryl On My T.V. Singing Then A Sausge Rool Singing Thank You Very Much!

  53. frozen sausages george foreman says:

    Really nice post. Looks like a lot of effort was put into this.

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