Cheryl Cole Overwhelmed By Malaria Comic Relief Donations

Cheryl Cole Comic Relief Cheryl Cole was overwhelmed with the donations she received from her fans to combat malaria disease at this year’s Comic Relief charity.

The “Under The Sun” singer, who is currently embarking on a tour with Girls Aloud, has herself contracted the tropical illness while on a trip to Tanzania in 2010. The disease left her fighting for her life in the hospital for 2 weeks.

The Comic Relief campaign follows after Cheryl, 29, shared the story of 18-month-old Paul, who died last week from contracting malaria before he was able to get treatment. The video prompted an influx of donations overwhelming Cheryl. She then took to Twitter and requested her fans to keep on going with then campaign.

Cheryl tweeted on Saturday (March 9) that she can’t believe the amount of donations that was raised in so such short time. She also said her heart melted knowing that she has so many amazing, caring and considerate people.

Getting to feel the response from Paul’s story is amazing and makes me so proud, she added.

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