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Cheryl Cole Paid £65k to Sing 'Fight For This Love' on X Factor

Cheryl Cole Paid £65k to Sing ‘Fight For This Love’ on X Factor

The X Factor Live Show Week 2 Pictures I dont know about you guys, but this is news to me. Established stars that appear on The X Factor to perform their latest single have to actually pay to appear on the show!

Big names apparently have to shell out tens of thousands of pounds to appear on the show. But apparently, the money is well worth it, with guest appearances ensuring maximum exposure to record breaking audiences.

An insider from the popular ITV talent show said: “The performers have to pay their own production costs and it can be a small fortune. The money is spent on hiring dancers, costumes, extra lighting, lasers and any other special effect they require.”

And at the top of the list of big spends, comes our very own Cheryl Cole. When Cheryl appeared on The X Factor to promote her debut solo single, Fight For This Love, her record label paid around £65,000, minus the cost of the production itself. But for her, it was well worth it, as it secured her a number one single and album.

Alexandra Burke’s performance of Bad Boys, came in at £60,000, while Whitney Houston’s performance cost the same. Bon Jovi’s rendition of We Weren’t Born to Follow last weekend cost them £30,000 while Westlife’s performance of What About Now? - accompanied by an extravagant laser show – racked up a bill of £57,000.

Last year’s X Factor runner up, JLS splashed out £55,000 for their appearance. Robbie William’s low-key performance set him back £30,000 while Michael Buble’s cost £40,000.

The insider said: “JLS had to bring in special risers while Cheryl and Alexandra had lots of dancers and Westlife had an amazing light show. These figures were the originally agreed budgets by the record companies but the actual performances may cost even more. But record labels are more than happy to cover the costs as it means their acts are getting exposure to audiences in the millions.

He continued: “Look at the success that Cheryl and Alexandra have had on the back of the show – both of them had No1 hits. It’s a ratings juggernaut and the record companies know that and don’t mind paying for it. They know it is money well spent, although I don’t know if the same could be said for the shambolic performances by Robbie and Whitney. But let’s be honest, where else could Bon Jovi be exposed to almost 16 million viewers on a Sunday night in November?

So what do you think guys and gals? Was the £65,000 Cheryl spent to perform on the show worth it? Leave your comment below…


  1. katie x says:

    anyfink well worth it for cheryll

  2. sophie says:

    WELL worth it!

  3. justin says:

    You can download Laura Whites song 'you should have known

  4. it's well worth it.

  5. Cherylll xxxx says:

    Defo well worthit :)
    Chez was amazing and im GLAD eveyone heard the song and it was numb 1 !
    Shame she cant perform some of her other songs on her tv show like Happy Hour, Heaven or Parachute… that would make my day because no-ones heard those songs except me and i really want them to be heard

  6. im from the netherlands:

    It was a amazing show of CHERYL COLE, well worth 4 sure.

    Lova yaa,

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