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Cheryl Cole Performs 'Fight For This Love' on Brit Awards 2010 (VID)

Cheryl Cole Performs ‘Fight For This Love’ on Brit Awards 2010 (VID)

Today was the day the much-anticipated 2010 Brit Awards took place in London’s Earl Court, broadcast live on ITV1 from 8.00pm onwards.

Us Cheryl Cole fans were of course hoping she would walk away with the ‘Best British Single’ award, but unfortunately JLS stole it, with celebrities in the audience surprised at the result.

Despite loosing out on the Brit Award, and also having to deal with the fact her husband Ashley Cole has cheated again, Cheryl gave a VERY impressive performance.

Initially taking to the stage in a white costume, she performed her smash-hit debut single, Fight For This Love, which she mixed up with another song from the 1990′s. Ill stop blabbing on now, and just say, watch the video below to see how amazing Cheryl Cole actually did on the Brit Awards 2010.

Cheryl Cole’s Brit Awards Performance 2010

What did you think of Cheryl’s performance, and did JLS deserve the Best British Single Brit Award that Cheryl Cole was hoping to take home with her?


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Cheryl was AMAZING tonight.

    Its a real shame that she didnt take home the award though. I cant help but feel that winning the award would have made a horrible day a lot happier.

    I say a horrible day because she is obviously having to deal with the fact she's found out Ashley has cheated on her again on yesterday, so Ashley's latest infidelities have made what should have been an amazing moment in her life, very very unhappy.

    Cheryl, don't be a doormat anymore darling. Throw that cheating lowlife scumbag outta your £3.5 million mansion when you get home, and NEVER let him back.

    Im sure most of the fans here on this website will agree with that??

  2. kayleigh says:

    Yeah i do, ITV sort of cocked it up, it was totally out of sync, and made the it look like she was miming all of it. I dont care anyway, she had a awesome performace, apsolutely epic, the jump at the begining, initially made me think this is going to be awesome

    I just wish the papers would just stop writing shit and let them sort it out between themselves, its not fair on her, she has enough to dear with let lone the papars doing her head, in there doing mine in let alone hes

    Well hope it works out the way they both want it to work out
    i will stop ranting now,
    much love x x x

  3. kayleigh says:

    Deal ****

  4. Andrew MacDonald says:

    That makes us as bad as the newspapers Kayleigh, because we get a lot of our news stories via mainstream media. lol. Only difference is we are a FANSITE, so we are on Cheryl's side, regardless of what she has done wrong, if anything.

    And I agree with you about the jump at the start. I saw that, and i thought WOW, I better really sit down and watch this, because this is going to be an awesome routine!!

  5. kayleigh says:

    yeah thats what i mean, cos you are a fan site, you know hat your talking about, and will stick up for her, the papers do it for money, but you do it out of pleasure, and i admire you for that. thanks :D

    Yeah i thought that too
    cheers x x x

  6. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Thank you Kayleigh. xxx :*

  7. sophie says:


  8. Elizabeth says:

    SHE WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! to be honest i dont think JLS deserved it, what have they done to achieve it? Cheryl's done so much and so well in everything she put her head to. TV show, X Factor, L'Oreal, tried to fight for her marriage with Ashley, solo album. what have JLS done? nothing really, only made a okay album. Cheryl defo deserved it more. She didn't get it this year, but im sure she'll get it next year, i voted 32 times for her this year, im gonna vote more for next year :)

  9. Brazen says:

    You wanna help Cheryl get the recognition she obviously deserves?! Found this link that is pretty fun!
    - basically a top ten list of songs that Brits clean their house to…Cheryl sits very impressively at number 5 sandwiched between Robbie Williams and Madonna!

    check it out!

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