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Cheryl Cole Petrified of Negative Press

Cheryl Cole Petrified of Negative Press

Cheryl Cole Negative Press X Factor beauty Cheryl Cole has admitted she used to be so stressed about her negative media coverage that she struggled to eat and sleep properly.

Cheryl committed in OK! that: “I used to find it very difficult to cope with reading negative stories about myself in the newspapers.

She continued: “I’ll be honest with you, in the past i didn’t eat, sleep, i barely breathed through worry of what people were thinking of me, but never once did i  think none of this is worth it.

Cheryl went on to say: “If there’s a bad story, someones eating their chips off it the ext day so we don’t care. It’s hurtful to read lies about yourself when people can actually believe those things, though. I’m just going to live my life and if I’m in the paper, big deal.

Well done Cheryl, you’re amazing, don’t listen or take any notice of tabloids or websites which talk about you in a negative way. There a loads of fans out there that will love you no matter what the papers say. Isn’t that right, Gillian?

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