Cheryl Cole plans to give boyfriend Tre Holloway an extravagant gift

Cheryl Cole, 29, plans to give her dancer beau Tre Holloway a very expensive timepiece for Christmas. The “Call My Name” singer has been dating Tre, 23, since summer.

According to a source, “She (Cheryl) wants to buy Tre an extravagant £50,000 watch for Christmas to signify their time together. She has even joked she’d love to spend Christmas with Tre in bed, wearing a onesie, opening presents and watching cheesy movies.”

In addition, Cheryl, who is also a Girls Aloud singer, has asked her former husband, Ashley Cole, not to contact her during the festivities. Cheryl divorced Ashley Cole in 2011.

The source continued, “Cheryl has told Ashley not to contact her over Christmas and has told him not to buy her any gifts after he sent her a beautiful diamond bracelet last year.

“She’s also decided not to even send him a card like she did last year as Tre admitted he’d be uncomfortable if she did. She knows that time has come to draw a line under her past,” the source added.

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