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Cheryl Cole 'Pours Her Heart Out' To Nadine Coyle

Cheryl Cole ‘Pours Her Heart Out’ To Nadine Coyle

As you all know heartbroken Cheryl Cole recently fled to LA to get away from her cheating husband Ashley Cole. Although we didn’t know that aside from the hunky dancer she is spending all her time with fellow Girls Aloud member Nadine Coyle, putting all previous differences behind them the two have recently been inseparable. A source close to the pair said: “Publicly, Cheryl’s put an incredibly brave face on her marital misery but, privately, she admits it’s a train wreck and there is no going back. Living in L.A would mean a fresh start for her.”

Cheryl and Nadine have allegedly been spending hours talking about the future, especially Girls Aloud, they have been saying how keen they are for the band to reform and how it could be happening in the near future, maybe some time this year. Yet apparently they’re biggest aim will be to crack the US where Cheryl Cole is thinking of making a permanent life for herself as a single woman. The source says the two have been looking online for properties available for Cheryl to by or rent near Chateau Marmont where Cheryl is currently staying in the U.S overlooking Sunset Strip (near the studio where Cheryl and Nadine both recorded solo albums).

Cleverly Cheryl Cole has avoided talking about anything to do with the ‘Ashley situation’ but has revealed: “I’ve got new dreams and they include my solo album succeeding all over the world. But I’m more than grateful for what I’ve achieved. I’m also happy and proud of myself for these achievements.”

Lastly another source close to Cheryl told ‘OK!’ magazine that Ashley Cole has been constantly trying to contact poor Cheryl, leaving her voice messages along with many texts that Cheryl has just ignored. They go on to say that she isn’t ready to talk to him yet because whenever she thinks about what he has done she feels physically sick and talking to him will obviously make that feeling even worse.

So do you think Cheryl should stay in America with Nadine?

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  1. sophie says:

    glad there are no differences in the band now but i want her to stay in the UK :(

  2. No don’t go us!!! We love cheryl in Uk!!! Stay strong cheryl:)) xxx

  3. All our talent ends up in America and we hardly see them again i love Cheryl but she promised never to forget where she is from and if she goes over there that's exactly what will happen and its her fans in the UK who has made her successful as an artist.

  4. im not from the uk but i dont want cheryl to go there either……
    its the fact that she isnt well known all over the world but is still incredible that makes me like her…….if she goes to the us ppl will overlook her and treat her like another newcomer……not the special treatment and recognition she gets and deserves in the uk! the us is a hard market to crack and with whats going on personally…i dont think she can handle any more disappointment now….yh u wanna get away…but not completely or else ud be alone in an alien and cold n heartless america…..

  5. i dont want cheryl to go to america it will b good if she makes it ova there bu we dont want her to go x

  6. cerel rocks says:

    cerel plese stay in uk

  7. cheryl cant leave.:’(

    I Dont know what i would do if she left..

  8. Mysteryman says:

    If she goes it will be a fresh start for her and she deserves it after all she has been through

  9. She deserves a new start, but not in the US! She should stay in the UK but somewhere else, like moving back to NewCastle or somethink!

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