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Cheryl Cole Quitting Luxury £3.5 Million Mansion in Surrey This Week!!!

Cheryl Cole Quitting Luxury £3.5 Million Mansion in Surrey This Week!!!

Although Cheryl Cole hasn’t brought in divorce lawyers yet, she is adamant that she’s still leaving her love-rat husband Ashley, and plans to quit her £3.5 million mansion in Surrey before Ashley comes home this week.

The Girls Aloud singer has told pals the Surrey home holds too many painful memories, and cannot stand to live there any longer. She is hoping to be out completely before Ashley arrives home from the French Sports Clinic where he’s having treatment on his broken ankle.

26-year-old Cheryl has already viewed TWO luxury properties nearby, and wants Ashley to buy her out of her share of their current home. In the meantime, Cheryl plans to rent an apartment somewhere. Ashley is said to be desperate to get home before she leaves so he can “work his magic” on her, where he’ll try to convince her to give him another chance.

Ashley Cole was originally due to fly home on Tuesday, but his leg hadn’t healed as planned  so his stay had to be extended. He was going to leave anyway, but Chelsea Football Club told him if he ignored the doctors advice, he would be putting his chances of playing at this years World Cup at risk.

Yesterday he spent time in the clinics gym. A fellow patient said: “He looked like a man on a mission – head down saying nothing. His life is a serious business right now.

A friend close to Cheryl Cole also told the press: “She wants to be gone before he gets home. She doesn’t want to see him. Her plan is to have her stuff out of the house before he flies home, then if they do meet, she can dictate the terms. The house holds too many memories after everything that’s gone on. He can have it. She’s going lock, stock and barrel. She’s already looking for somewhere else for her, her mum and her two dogs.


  1. sophie says:

    this sounds promising :)

  2. angie says:

    cheryl you can move up to cumbria it is really nice up there. i live 30 miles away fom the lakes. my two boys and i like the veiw of the lakes. love you loadsxxx

  3. Christopher McMillan says:

    Cheryl I would love you to buy a house in Scotland. Its a beautiful place and your very welcome to live here It would be great if you did. I know you love Scotland and its full of great opportunities you've been in Glasgow many times. Buy a big house in Perthshire its lovely Madonna has a house there. Perthshire is very rich and its beautiful very flat you would love it Cheryl please come. Scotland the land of dream's and your a dream to me. Love you xxx

  4. john godfrey says:

    well all i can say cheryl can come to live with me in france in my eays she is wonderful ,i met her in la a few years ago when i was a bass player at a studio that she visited and my oh my she was electric

  5. Mee :)) X says:

    keep dreamin like shes gunna move with any of yaz, shees nt gunna move newere like tha, cos think bwt it she need to be in london cos shes gt the x factor to think bwt aswell,, n id luv to buy her house if ii had tha kind of money haha lol unless i get a loan hha still wudntget tha muchh :((

  6. cherylcoleno1fan says:

    you should move to the wirral. its nice love u loads cheryl x

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