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Cheryl Cole Recruits Will Young as Guest Judge

Cheryl Cole Recruits Will Young as Guest Judge

Cheryl Cole Recruits Will Young X Factor X Factor stunner Cheryl Cole has recruited Will Young for his expertise in choosing her final three acts.

Pop star, Will Young shot to fame in 2002 where he won the Pop Idol crown. He is now set to make his comeback to reality TV, and will advise Cheryl Cole on her final three choices. Cheryl is currently in Morocco filming the judges houses part of auditions with her group, the girls.

Will Young will make an appearance on an upcoming episode of the ITV talent show. Cheryl Cole, who last year recruited fellow Girls Aloud bandmate, Kimberley Walsh, is rumoured to be mentoring the 16-24 year old girls category, however this isn’t set in stone, as these rumours were supposedly leaked, so we cant verify them at this time.

Cheryl, who recently dyed her hair red, then quickly reverted back to brunette again, boarded a jet with Will Young and her category, where they were whisked away to sunny Marrakesh, Morocco. Cheryl Cole’s category won last year with Alexandra Burke, so Cole is looking to take the crown this year too.

Just earlier this week, Cheryl presented Alexandra Burke with a luxury holiday worth £5,000 as a birthday present. I realllllly want to be Cheryl Cole’s friend! Anybody else?


  1. livzz says:

    HAHA!! everyone wants to be her friend. i'd love to, she's a sweetheart, love her!! xx

  2. Will Young???? No thanks! Bring Kimberley Walsh back!!!!

  3. hilary says:

    don't like will young why can't she keep kimberley like last year i thought they were best mates and it worked well last year.She could have chosen gary barlow if she didn't want kimberley makes me wonder if there is a rift in the band as they have all been banned from talking about cheryl's solo career or her personal life and kimberley wasn't happy when she got asked questions when she was at the v festival last week and she got moved to another area.They will all get together for the 2 coldplay concerts on the
    18th and 19th september so hope they put on a good performance and show that they are still together as a band despite doing solo projects can't wait to hear what they wiill perform as they haven't got a new single out.

  4. Emily says:

    Oh there's no rift between Kimberley and Cheryl – most definitely not! They are the best of friends! The media is just saying all this stuff in light of Will Young being chosen! Cheryl herself said she had no say in whether she was allowed to use Kimberley again or not! I think Simon probably thought it would work better if Cheryl had a male with her if she is the mentor of the boys! Kimberley was at the X Factor studios a little while ago so hopefully she'll still feature on the show!

  5. Kimberely is way better!!!

  6. David says:

    Cheryl is fantastic lover her to bits…..

  7. Merlin99 says:

    HMDs also require body-mounted power for free-ranging viewers to wear them. ,

  8. Is it so important?,

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