Cheryl Cole Refused To Take American Idol Job

Cheryl Cole on American Idol Dreams of Cheryl Cole becoming the new queen of American TV looks to be over, after friends say she has refused to take Paula Abdul’s job on American Idol.

Cheryl is reportedly refused to take Paula Abdul’s judging seat on American Idol, because she fears it could trip up her plans of becoming a successful solo artist, and would also wreck her home life.

After Paula Abdul quit the show last week over a pay row with producers, Speculation has been rife  about Cheryl taking over Abdul’s seat, but insiders close to the Girls Aloud singer say that Cheryl Cole will NOT take the megabucks TV job because she doesn’t want to leave her husband, Ashley Cole back in England on his own.

(Translation – She doesn’t trust the cheating scumbag so cant leave him unattended for long.)

A friend of Cheryl’s told a national tabloid: “Cheryl hasn’t had any TV meetings since she’s been in America. There was never any plans for her to go on US TV. She’s only there to work on her new solo album in the studio. She only wants to focus on her music. That’s what she is – a singer.

Plans for Cheryl Cole to take over one of the American Idol judging seats a few weeks ago hit a serious road block, as US producers complained that American audiences wouldn’t understand Cheryl’s heavy Geordie accent.

In a further blow to Cheryl, Simon Cowell is quoted as saying: “Paula will be fine. I don’t get a lot of say. Ive just made it clear that I want Paula on the show.

Cheryl’s refusal to jump into Paula Abduls seat will massively hamper Cole’s projected TV income, as Abdul is rumoured to be on £4 million per season; compare that to Cheryl’s £1.2 million on The X Factor.

Only time will tell on who jumps into Abdul’s seat, but who do you think should get the job?

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