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Cheryl Cole Puts The Record Straight over Tiff with Victoria Beckham

Cheryl Cole Puts The Record Straight over Tiff with Victoria Beckham

In the land of celebrity gossip, one of the most common topics to write about are celebrity arguments and tiffs. And here we are again, with another tiff surrounding Cheryl Cole and another celebrity. No, it’s not Lily Allen this time, but Posh Spice.

Last year in an interview which appeared in Vogue Magazine, Cheryl Cole said she was “shocked” that Victoria Beckham didn’t try and support her through her marriage difficulties when Ashley Cole was revealed as a prick love rat. But it turns out that’s not what really happened.

In the latest edition of Glamour Magazine, the Girls Aloud beauty admitted: “I have a lot of respect for Victoria Beckham but I said something I shouldn’t have done once. When I was asked whether it was true Victoria had been telling me how to wear my hair after everything had happened with Ashley.

She continued: “Like I’d give a shit what my hair looked like during that time. So I retaliated by saying I hadn’t heard from her, when in-fact I had.

So that’s Cheryl Cole putting the record straight. I guess in anticipation of coming into contact with Victoria Beckham at the African World Cup later this year.


  1. sophie says:

    Haha love it when cheryl does bad things then admits to them haha

  2. Catherine Hall says:

    Eeerm world cup coming up by any chance????? need a A- list celeb to hang around with to boost your profile ey chezza?? very clever….!

  3. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I did actually make people aware of that point in the article myself!! ;)

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