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Cheryl Cole: 'Robbie was Nervous and Alex Didn't Mime'

Cheryl Cole: ‘Robbie was Nervous and Alex Didn’t Mime’

Alexandra Burke - Bad Boys on The X Factor Girls Aloud stunner Cheryl Cole headed into The Chris Moyles Show yesterday on Radio One to promote her new single, Fight for This Love, and while there took the time to defend both Alexandra Burke and Robbie Williams, who performed on last weeks X Factor.

Both Alexandra and Robbie gave world exclusive debut performances on last weeks live X Factor show. Many people commented that Robbie was acting very strange, most people presuming he was high as a kite on drugs, but Cheryl has defended him, insisting he was just “nervous“.

Robbie Williams launched his TV comeback on The X Factor, performing his new single, Bodies to the live audience and over 14 million viewers. Cheryl said of the performance: “This is his first thing he’s done in ages, can you imagine, your first thing coming back is The X Factor. I thought he looked a bit nervous, I genuinely felt like he was thinking, ‘wow, I’m back, this is it.’ It must be scary, he’s been through a lot, and I honestly felt like he was nervous.

And last years winner Alexandra Burke came back for the exclusive debut of her new single ‘Bad Boys‘, which sold over 90,000 copies on the same night as her X Factor performance. Alexandra got amazing reviews from the press, and the public went wild for her performance, but some people think it was too perfect, and think she could have been miming.

Cheryl Cole said of the matter: “I didn’t think she was miming, It wasn’t a Britney case, definitely not, Britney mimed her record… I was just so caught up in the whole production and performance… I was like having a whirl of a time that I wasn’t even thinking is she miming or is she not, I was just thoroughly enjoying her entertainment.

Well one thing is for sure Cheryl, the public wont have to wonder whether you’re miming your exclusive debut performance on this Saturdays X Factor, considering you have refused to sing live, and will be miming along to your own song.

VERY disappointed in you Cheryl.

Alexandra Burke ‘Bad Boy’ on The X Factor

Robbie Williams ‘Bodies’ on The X Factor


  1. Amy ullah says:

    to be fair you can understand why cheryl doesnt want to sing live ! she up against whitany houstan ! a ledgend ! i think they shouldnt have put cheryls performance with whitany's bit unfair if u ask me !

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