Cheryl Cole said Ashley Cole never apologized for cheating on her

Apparently, Ashley Cole is an absolute rat.
Cheryl Cole admitted that her former husband Ashley Cole never apologized to her for cheating, not even once!

Speaking to Alan Carr at Chatty Man on Friday night, she said Ashley never apologized and she even can’t understand this either.

When asked by Alan whether, the British footballer ever make the time to apologize to her for all the humiliation she had to endure, the former X Factor judge, simply replied, no, he never did it and it was really frustrating to her.
The “Promise This” singer also reckoned that Ashley won’t apologize to her as this will appear to him that he was wrong.

However, the 29 year-old, Girls Aloud singer is very happy in the love department currently, with her new boyfriend Tre Holloway as she gushed to Alan Carr, “Handsome isn’t he? Yeah. I put it on him. It was me, it was all me. I’ve actually, I met him two years ago. I had to do a little bit of the chasing. I cast a spell.”

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