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Cheryl Cole Says NO To American X Factor Deal with Cowell

Cheryl Cole Says NO To American X Factor Deal with Cowell

There has been a lot of media speculation over the last six months regarding Cheryl Cole and a career in America.

We all know she wants to carve out a solo music career in the States, but over the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk on whether she will join the judging panel on the American version of The X Factor. A lot of supposed sources have come forward to claim that Cheryl has taken up the offer, and even Simon Cowell dropped himself in it recently after letting it slip that Cheryl would be joining The X Factor US.

But never believe what you see, read or hear unless it comes directly from the horses mouth, so-to-speak. Perhaps the closest person to Cheryl Cole, her mum Joan has come forward to claim that Cheryl has turned down Simon’s offer of joining the new series of The X Factor in America.

Joan Tweedie confessed that despite her daughters boss (Cowell) begging her to join him on the judges line-up, she has voted herself off the project. “No, she’s not going to America, she’s staying here. She will not be going there for that.

And Joan’s choice of words there are actually very interesting, specifically “She will not be going there for THAT“. So she hasn’t out-right said that Cheryl has no plans to go to the US, she has said that Cheryl doesn’t plan to go to America for The X Factor. So it’s still very possible that Cheryl is touting for a record contract in the States, though Simon Cowell has already offered her one should she want it.

But despite being able to earn more money than her footballer husband Ashley Cole – who pockets £80,000 a week – if she goes to America, Cheryl has pledged her future is in the UK, which also wiped the pearly white smile from Simon Cowell’s face.

So for all us fans who were worried we were about to loose the Nations Sweetheart to the yanks, we can all take a sigh of relief. What do you guys think? Are you happy we now have more definitive proof that Cheryl will remain in the UK?? Leave your comments below…


  1. sophie says:

    dayuuum i really wanted her to do it :(

  2. NO CHERYL DON'T LEAVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    haha i knew she wouldn't do it. I commented on past posts that she wont be going. HAHA and i was RIGHT :D
    luv you Cheryl <3 mwahhhxx.

  4. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Alright Elizabeth, stop gloating at us all, you were right… BIATCH. hahaha

    Nah to be honest with you, I actually thought when reading your previous comments that you would probably be right. I didn't believe that Cheryl would leave all her fans (and husband) in England while she heads to the States so we were both correct, the only differnce is you were smart enough to write down your thoughts, where as i just 'thought' it ;-) lol

  5. Veronica says:

    Good news! Cheryl+Abdul and Simon wasn’t a good idea. Love Cheryl! I can’t wait for The X Factor UK 2010!! With her on it, I hope… :) Simon and Cheryl the best!!!

  6. Amy x says:

    I thought she'd be going – she $$$$$$$$ hungry!!! hahahahah!
    Also isnt she just following in Poshs footsteps?? another WAG off to the big USA to see if she can break it? how sad….. dont these people know there's more to life than being rich & famous?

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