Cheryl Cole says she’s more recognizable to her friends when wearing a track suit

Cheryl Cole tracksuit We are accustomed in seeing Cheryl Cole dressed up in glamorous clothes for a red carpet show or when she’s on a date with her dancer boyfriend Tre Holloway, but apparently, the Girls Aloud star admitted that she’s more comfortable in her PJ’s.

The “Call My Name” hitmaker said that her she dressed up for the sake of her “pop star image” and in reality she’s just as casual like us. In fact, Cheryl even started going to restaurants without makeup as she’s at ease with her natural self.

Fabulous magazine quoted Cheryl as saying, “There’s nothing I love more than my PJs. I’ve been known to get out of bed, go in the bath and then get straight back into my pajamas. I’m most recognizable to my friends when I’m in a tracksuit. They’re like…Ah, she’s back.”

The former X Factor star is gearing up for the Girls Aloud reunion UK tour at the moment, Recently, she released her new music video, “Ghetto Baby”, taken from her third solo album, “A Million Lights”.

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