Cheryl Cole Says the New Rose Tattoo on Her Back Will Get Bigger

Cheryl Cole Rose Tattoo Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole debuted her new huge rose tattoo on her back during the Girls Aloud reunion tour in Newcastle on Feb 21. The “Promise This” singer also said that she’s done with tattoos. Now, she saying that her rose tattoo inked by famous tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado is unfinished and will get even bigger when completed.

Earlier, Nikko Hurtado tweeted the star thanking her on mentioning his name in her interview. In reply, Cheryl said that he’s unbelievably talented and looking forward to finish the tattoo.

The 29-year-old former X Factor judge first mentioned Hurtado’s name on The Sun interview saying that she actually got the tattoo five months ago, but people didn’t get to see it as its on her back.

Cheryl also confessed that she tried to get all of her Girls Aloud band mates to get matching tats for the tour, but they weren’t interested.

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