Cheryl Cole Says Toilet Assault Was Self Defence

As you all may know back in 2003 Cheryl Cole assaulted a toilet attendant in a night club in Guilford and had to serve 120 hours of community service. She has now claimed she was acting in self defence.

In an interview with Q magazine she said: “As much as I regret that situation, I didn’t attack someone. I defended myself. My brothers taught me: if someone hits you, you hit them back. That’s still how I view it and that’s what I’ll teach my kids.”

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  1. olivia says:

    i love cheryl cole and i think thats fair that she used it as self defence i would have done and told my kids to do it to good on you cheryl huggs and kisses olivia

  2. kayleigh says:

    I Would have doe exactly the same thing to be hosest, and i have done it to someone. x love you cheryl x x x

  3. Go Cheryl!! I would have done the same too :) xxx

  4. Sarah Bennett says:

    i would have done the same in her position, coz I was taught the same. I think what she had to do as a result was way too harsh.x

  5. DISGUSTING! now she's saying its self defence- what a joke this silly little girl is! Its paretnt who tell there kids stuff like this whose kids turn out to be kids from hell, running round riot… funny how we never hear the victims version of events. what a violent chav cheryl is just like her family!

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