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Cheryl Cole: 'Simon Cowell is Rude and Nasty'

Cheryl Cole: ‘Simon Cowell is Rude and Nasty’

Cheryl Cole The X Factor X Factor beauty Cheryl Cole has given opinionated Simon Cowell a taste of his own medicine today, by branding him “nasty, rude and annoying.

The sexy Girls Aloud singer spoke out about the hostility between the pair on this years series of The X Factor, which pretty much everyone has noticed.

Cheryl said: “There is tension between us on the actual Saturday night, when he starts getting annoying and saying nasty things. It gets quite heated backstage, and quite competitive. I don’t feel like I’m a competitive person. I feel like the best person should win The X Factor, whether they’re in my category or not. But he’s so competitive and so rude sometimes that I find myself getting caught up in it.

She also admitted that 50-year-old Simon, drives her so mad that she’s ended up clenching her fists at the judging panel. “Honestly, he’s really annoying. Really annoying.

Yesterday we broke news of a Furious Simon Cowell Giving Cheryl & Dannii a Dressing Down, after he claims they are spending too much time focusing on how they look, meaning they aren’t spending enough time with their acts. Many of the fans here on this site spoke out, all in favour of Cheryl and Dannii.

Cheryl Cole  joked on BBC News yesterday that one day, she should just “lamp him one.” – Now that is TV I would happily pay to see. Earlier this month, we saw Simon Cowell Reduce Cheryl To Tears, after he criticised the Geordie judge’s song choice for her act, Lloyd Daniels.

He also went further, sticking the knife right in, after he said he would rather watch the annoying twins (who he detests), than watch her act, Rikki Loney. (Who was voted out that week.

Well it looks like the tides are turning in your favour Cheryl. Not only are you currently riding high on the success of your single, Fight For This Love, after it became the fastest selling single of the year, but bookies are now betting Cheryl’s Joe McElderry will win The X Factor 2009, knocking previously-predicted winner, Danyl Johnson off the top spot.


  1. YOU GO GIRL!!

    Simon is getting too smug, he doesnt have the best act and we all noe it. Just cuz his acts get postive comments doesnt mean he's gonna win it. He should stop stabbing Cheryl with the knife and actually stab himself and see how it feels to be criticized week after week after week.

    luv you cheryl

  2. Livv. says:

    cheryl's right! Simons not the same this year, and he comes across as winding and starting the arguments. Yes, Simon has a strong category, and should be mad that Danyl was in the bottom 2! but he just needs to get over it because its the publics choice! he thinks its alright to upset Cheryl but nobody is allowed to speak to him like that.
    you go Cheryl! i love you. x x

  3. i bought her album and it is actually amazing ♥


  5. Bluesky says:

    no Cheryl your rude and nasty if you can't take it…don't give it!!!!

  6. marina says:

    hw is cheryl nasty and rude she tries to keep quiet every time simon tries to embarrase her. what a asshole.

  7. Sophie says:

    I felt so sorry 4 chez wen she cried I thought Lloyds version of the song was cool,qurkiy and unique. I’d buy a copyxxx

  8. Go Cheryl you rock Simons just jealous cause ur more popular than .you don’t need him so leave him on his own and see how manages without u what a loser

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