Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell: The Battle Is On

Cheryl Cole X Factor Judge X Factor stunner Cheryl Cole and Mr Nasty himself are set for the biggest showdown at dusk ever.

Although Cheryl Cole has been tipped to win the talent show again by bookies, show producers are doing everything they can to build tension and competition between the judges, and this year, they are pulling out all the stops for Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell only.

Rumour has it that Simon and Cheryl are to get the two best categories, while Louis and Dannii are to get the other two, meaning its looking less-and-less likely that Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh have even the slightest chance of winning the X Factor 2009.

And now its all-out war, as the judges battle to win this years show. Simon Cowell has two X Factor victories under his belt. Clearly his biggest win has been Leona Lewis, while Steve Brookstein has disappeared into obscurity.

Cheryl Cole won The X Factor last year in her debut year at the show, so has Alexandra Burke under-her-belt. She is keen to even out the score between her and Simon Cowell.

The ITV producers are sworn to secrecy over which category each judge gets this year, viewers will only find out midway through the shows run in October. After the judges have spent the last 7 days filming boot-camp stages of the show, sparks flew as they were told they would each have to mentor their acts on a Sunday. Usually their day off in previous years.

Simon reportedly called Cheryl and said: “You may as well put your feet up. I have this in the bag.” She quickly replied saying: “I wont go down without a fight.

Lets battle commence. The X Factor returns to ITV1 on August 22nd 2009.


  1. that is sick and rubbish dannii's catagrie is by far the best producers should go make a better show if the only way they can make a talent show exciting is by making it about the judges

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