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Cheryl Cole Sings A Tune Aimed At Ashley

Cheryl Cole Sings A Tune Aimed At Ashley

With Cheryl Cole’s new album Messy Little Raindrops is already making news. Slated for release on 1st November, Cheryl Cole is making sure that she has all the attention and spotlight on her. The album features Cheryl Cole in collaboration with Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, Dizzee Rascal and will.i.am, the front man of the Black Eyed Peas. 

Apart from the song Amnesia which is rumoured to be the cover of Britney Spear’s song, the other track hogging the highlight is ‘Happy Tears’. This track is rumoured to be aimed and targeted at Cheryl’s ex-husband Ashley Cole who is a footballer. The rumour mills are churning more rumour regarding this track. It has also given all the gossip mongers a topic to talk back about Cheryl and Ashley. 

“I cried when I heard you were cheatin’/I cried when I said I was leavin’/I cried when my heart stopped believin’/But I’m all out of tears,” she sings on the track of Happy tears. The lyrics though not penned by Cheryl herself do clearly show that the references have a resemblance to her life.

Cheryl’s failed relationship with Ashley Cole itself made good amount of news. This track just points out how hurt Cole was. The X Factor judge is definitely not shy, as she gets personal with the lyrics which are targeted at the Chelsea love rat. However, this will be one track that Cheryl Cole fans will be eagerly awaiting after all the news and gossip surrounding it.

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