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Cheryl Cole Site News: Meebo Bar Launched!

Cheryl Cole Site News: Meebo Bar Launched!

Those of you who closely follow Cheryl Cole Online on a daily basis may have noticed that there is now a new ‘Meebo Sharing Bar’ at the bottom of all pages of this website.

This is just the first step in my plans to take this Cheryl Cole Fansite to a better place, and will hopefully allow you to share stories you like with your friends much easier. The new Meebo bar allows you to quickly share an entire page, a video or a photo very quickly and easily, and also gives you the ability to chat with other Meebo users, including all of your Facebook friends, directly on this website.

Click on the buttons at the bottom of the website to share an entire page, or if you would like to share a specific image or video, you simply need to roll your cursor over the specific photo or video to quickly share it. If you would like to chat with other users on this website, or even your friends from your Facebook account, you simply need to click on the ‘Chat With Your Friends’ part of the tool bar at the far right hand corner. You will need to make a quick account with Meebo, once you have done that, you have the ability to connect your Facebook account.

Once you have Facebook connected, whenever you visit this website, you will automatically be logged into your Facebook account, and can chat to any of your online friends by selecting the chat menu in the toolbar. The chat works in the exact same way as Facebook chat does when you are on Facebook’s own site.

On the left hand side of the toolbar, you will see a ‘Share Page’ button – pretty self explanatory. You can also take a look at our Facebook Page, and our Twitter Account directly from the toolbar. If you are a user of Digg or StumbleUpon, you can also share this site by directly clicking on those buttons.

This is just the first new feature of many which will be rolled out over the next few months. We are currently in the development process of our new Cheryl Cole Forum, and will inform you when we roll that out. Until then, please feel free to share this page with all your friends and family, the more people like you who share this site, the bigger and better the site will become.

Until next time, enjoy and speak to you all soon.

Andrew MacDonald



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