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Cheryl Cole Solo Performance Praised by Simon Cowell

Cheryl Cole Solo Performance Praised by Simon Cowell

Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love on X Factor In the unlikely case you haven’t heard the news, Cheryl Cole gave her debut solo performance exclusively on ITV1′s X Factor last night, with a great reception from (most of) the fans.

In a raunchy military-style outfit, Cheryl Cole gave a sizzling performance which really wowed the studio audience on the popular talent show.

Upon finishing her up-beat dance song, called Cheryl Cole – Fight for this Love, she got a standing ovation from the studio audience, and her fellow judges.

Simon Cowell said: “This is really going to pain me, but that was incredible! I’d take you in my category any day.” But to be fair, he would have said that wouldn’t he.

26-year-old Cheryl Cole showed now signs of nerves, despite admitting earlier this week that she was so nervous about her performance, she has banned ALL family and friends from the studio audience, but on the night, Cheryl’s rat of a husband, Ashley Cole was there supporting her, as were her Girls Aloud band mates, Kimberley, Sarah and Nicola.

Where Cheryl did gain some brownie points with me was the fact she decided to sing the song live. Earlier last week, it was revealed that Cheryl would be miming her song, but due to public pressure after the announcement, she decided that she would be singing, but the performance would be pre-recorded due to time restraints on the night.

So when it was time for Cheryl to do her business, we expected a pre-recorded performance, but thankfully, to avoid any criticism from the public and press, she did actually give a completely live performance, so well done Cheryl for that.

Following her performance, a clearly thrilled Cheryl Cole told host Dermot O’Leary: “I feel fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed myself. It took me right back to the days of Pop Stars: The Rivals. Id like to thank everyone so much for all the support and making me so welcome.

It was a bitter-sweet night for Cheryl though. On the one hand, she launched her solo career, on the other, the first of her acts, Rikki Loney was booted off The X Factor.

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  1. Don't think she sang live,WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

  2. marina says:

    she did it was different from the video u idiot!!

  3. kirst says:

    she were amazinnnngggg!!

  4. STAR65 says:

    she did sing live , she has been critisized and, she went live and is still getting critisized the girl cant win ,give her a break she is only young ,she was on the same bill as whitney huston, who wouldnt be terrified , well for me cheryl was better than whitney , whitney was as high as a kite , like robbie last week , cheryl did it on her own nervous or not she delivered yes im biased im from up north (Joe to win ) and the lovely lovely little geordie cheryl cole well done lass well done you were brilliant ,or as we like to say in the north east F–K-G!! MINT !!!!!!……..

  5. sophie says:

    if you couldent tell that was like your seriously thick

  6. katie x says:

    she did sing live she wasnt goin to be then it was all in the papers tha she was n she didnt want 2 be slated lyk brinty last yr so she neva mimed coz the hole show was changed aswell last nyt they were gonna recored sum of it n play that so she had tym after her performace to go n get chnagedd back into her dress bu they changed it all last nyt n she neva mimed

  7. sophie says:


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