Cheryl Cole Solo US Deal?

Cheryl Cole America Record Deal Cheryl Cole is well on her way to becoming the next “Beyonce Knowles“. The Girls Aloud babe travelled to the states recently where she wowed record company executives, leaving them desperate to sign her to a solo contract.

A source told Britain’s Hello! magazine: “When Cheryl came over to Los Angeles she definitely wasn’t just there to enjoy the Grammys parties. She had meetings with Interscope label bosses which is a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group that represents Girls Aloud. Bosses seem confident that she could become a huge solo star, in the mould of Beyonce Knowles or Nelly Furtado.

Cheryl’s fellow judge and good friend on The X Factor, Simon Cowell is keen to help the 26 year old singer to become a worldwide pop sensation. He said: “I would say she’s a star, and she’ll work as well in America as she does here. She’s definitely got a shot.

Cheryl’s American publicist Howard Bragman is confident Cheryl will be a stateside success if she has Simon Cowell’s support. He said: “Simon is one of the biggest star-makers of his generation, and if you’ve got him in your corner, you are in very good standing.”

If she wants to be a solo singer, and Simon gave her a guest slot on his show ‘American Idol‘, she’ll have 30 million people immediately familiar with her music. Simon Cowell is the best fan club you can have.


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    As much as i want Cheryl Cole to do well, i dont want to loose her to the yanks.

    She is ours, keep your hands off Americans.

  2. jared says:

    the next beyonce i dont think soo their not even in the same leaugue beyonce is at a level cheryls vocals will never be able to reach ar cant believe its even been discussed its just like rihanna being compared to beyonce. stars today suck yb are the rubbish stars that arnt that good at singing (obviously they need sum talent but they ant got a lot) get compared to the best in the game like beyonce. i think cheryl will do well in the US but she will never ever be on the same level beyonce has been in the game to long and has to much talent for cheryl to become the next queen b. it just wont happen.


  3. jared says:

    plus cheryl is 26 beyonce is 29 n beyonce has achieved way way way more in her full career cheryl wond be able to achieve more that beyonce but she become better that people like kesha, rihanna, katy n swift. but come on the next beyonce i dont think so !!!

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