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Cheryl Cole Sparks Rumours She's Left Girls Aloud FOR GOOD!!!

Cheryl Cole Sparks Rumours She’s Left Girls Aloud FOR GOOD!!!

cheryl cole Cheryl Cole has been steering well clear of any mention with regards to her marriage in the media recently, and was instead keen to talk about her own success as a solo star.

But in doing so, Cheryl described Girls Aloud as “a girl group I was with for seven years“, sparking a lot of rumours that she has left the band which made her once and for all.

Cheryl made the comments while on the Danish version of The X Factor last week, as she performed and spoke for the first time since calling time on her marriage.

Cheryl performed her smash-hit debut solo single, Fight For This Love, and told viewers how great she felt to reach the top of the charts as a solo singer. Reflecting on her time as part of England’s biggest girl band, she told the TV host, who kept referring to her as Cheryl Cole, not Cheryl Tweedy – as she had requested – “The previous three tracks were with a girl group I was with for seven years – so to be No.1 solo was crazy, like the best feeling in the world.

But spokesmen for Girls Aloud quickly mobilised to confirm that Chezza has NOT walked…. yet. “Cheryl is still a member of Girls Aloud. She was just putting her solo No.1 into context for an audience that would not be aware of Girls Aloud,” said the spokesman.

Cheryl Cole is now set for a showdown with husband Ashley Cole at her Surrey mansion next week – the first time she will have seen for a month. We will keep our ears open on any further news surrounding the Cheryl Cole Divorce.

In the meantime, how do you take Cheryl’s statement? Do you think she has done, or intends to walk anytime soon?

Comments below please folks.


  1. sophie says:

    i PRAY she hasnt :(

  2. Becky<3 says:

    omgomgomgomomgomomg… she best not leave girls aloud :( it won't be the same without her. She's done so amazing solo, but with girls aloud, she does the same. Please don't leaave! </3

  3. robert howes says:

    It would be crazy for her to leave Girls Aloud, they have a 3 album contact and are mega……….. :)

  4. I Reai Hope she hasnt n apparntly girls aloud r bringin there new single out before 2011 so doubt she is leavin x

  5. Georgie says:

    pleaaaase dont leave cheryl!! your brand is a part of girls aloud, dont give up on what made you who you are:) but i have to say i wouldnt be MAJORLY disappointed if she did leave, she'll be AMAZING on her own for longer! anyway they have a 3 album contract so she cant loveyou cherylxx

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