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Cheryl Cole Speaks Out to Support Gay X Factor Contestants

Cheryl Cole Speaks Out to Support Gay X Factor Contestants

Cheryl Cole Supports Gay X Factor Contestants Last week on the opening night of The X Factor Live shows, there was more drama on the judges panel then there was on the stage.

After Dannii Minogue outed Danyl Johnson as gay on live TV, sparking 4,500 complaints to broadcasting watchdog, Ofcom, Cheryl Cole has spoken out in support of our gay X Factor contestants. The sexy X Factor judge said that the sexuality of the contestants on the popular ITV talent show “shouldn’t be an issue.

The 26-year-old Girls Aloud singer told Attitude Magazine: “You are what you are. You shouldn’t have to explain either way, whether you are straight or gay. It shouldn’t be an issue. It should be a case of you’re talented. People like you. Full stop. You shouldn’t have to explain.

cWhich is exactly what you guys have been saying on this post for the last 7 days. But Cheryl did add: “It’s still one of those issues people seem to have. I’m glad shows like The X Factor show all the different types of people out there.

Dannii Minogue was slated by the press and public bigtime in the 48 hours after last weeks show, with tens of thousands of you logging on to read our previous post about Danyl Johnson Fancying Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole, and over 87% of you answering yes to our poll on whether or not Dannii was out of order outing Danyl’s sexuality on TV.

During the live results show on Sunday evening, Dannii Minogue was forced to make an apology to Danyl, also issuing a written apology on her official blog. Both Danyl Johnson and Dannii Minogue insist the homophobic slur was them “joking about“, and Simon Cowell commented saying “the apology has been made, the matter is now over and forgotten.

But Simon has also ordered all X Factor judges and hosts to stop making any references to the sexuality of any of this year’s finalists.

So hopefully that is the matter over, but I’m sure┬áthe general public wont let Dannii off that easily.


  1. JAYGEE says:

    funny she should say that as joe is a raging homo!!!

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