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Cheryl Cole Takes Wedding Ring Off to Make 'Fashion Statement'

Cheryl Cole Takes Wedding Ring Off to Make ‘Fashion Statement’

This is a subject which keeps cropping up for Cheryl Cole. Up until now, she hasn’t made any official comment on the matter, but now she lays it all on the table.

Cheryl Cole has been spotted without her wedding ring on many, many occasions. The minute the media see her out without her £160,000 rock on, we all assume there is trouble in paradise, and that the Cole’s marriage is on the rocks. Even bookies are predicting Cheryl and Ashley to Get Divorced in 2010. But today Cheryl says she only takes her wedding ring off to “make a fashion statement.

The Girls Aloud beauty insists she doesn’t intent to make a statement about her marriage to Ashley Cole when she appears in public without her ring. But her marriage has been the subject of much speculation since news broke of Ashley’s infidelity with a hairdresser in 2009.

Cheryl told Glamour Magazine: “Do people really think I’m going to have an argument and take my ring off? It was a fashion statement more than a marriage statement. As my wedding ring is yellow and doesn’t go with everything.

The Fight For This Love singer also talked about the strain the media attention put on her marriage. “He broke down about it all. He called me from the garage and said, ‘I feel sick. I’m on the cover of every magazine because apparently I’ve made you cry’. My family love Ashley but even people really close to me are starting to believe that there’s a rift between us.

So what do you think guys and gals? Does the ‘fashion statement’ argument put forward by Cheryl sound plausible? Or is there really a rift between the celebrity couple? Comments below please…


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Just give them a break. all the stuff people write makes their relationship go on the rocks even though its not. And i agree, her yellow 'rock' doesn't go with everything.

    Luv you Cheryl xx.

  2. is there any possible way i can meet cheryl cole?? Pleasee helpp :( xxx

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