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Cheryl Cole 'Targeted in Big Money Internet Sex Plot'

Cheryl Cole ‘Targeted in Big Money Internet Sex Plot’

Cheryl Cole in Internet Sex Plot News has come to light that X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is being targeted by a British man who has threatened to shame Cheryl with an X-rated porn website based on the star.

Martin McCann, a 55-year-old man who owns the rights to cherylcole.cc, a site which he’s already started embarrassing the sexy Girls Aloud singer on.

Currently the web page features nothing more than a few pictures of Cheryl, along with notices that the website is for sale, and links to email the owner with offers. It also features the words: “3 Words: Sex Sex Sex.

And it looks as though McCann has no plans to relent, insisting he has nude pictures of Cheryl Cole which he will publish on if Cheryl doesn’t buy the website herself.

If Cheryl wants it she can have it but only for the right money,” he told The Daily Star. The man is currently based in India, but was originally from Middlesex.

And this isn’t the first time he has tried his luck with celebrities. Last year he demanded £5 million pounds from David Beckham to stop making and selling condom’s named after the footie star’s three sons.

What do you guys think about this? Should Cheryl give in and buy the website in order to protect her image? Does the guy even have nude snaps of the star? Leave your comment below…


  1. Elizabeth says:

    ughhh bullshit. Cheryl was never nude in front of a camera, maybe the tiny weeny bits that don't really matter. Cheryl knows she an idol of many people, and she knows there are paps everywhere, she would never be nude in front of a camera.
    That stupid assholes just tryin to scare her, tryin to get money. Don't listen to him babe.

    I'm sure Cheryl's a smart girl, and she knows when people are playing her

    luv yah babe xx.

  2. alice says:

    whoever you are, you must be out of your mind. cheryl would never do such a thing. she's smart and a lot clever than you think. love you lots, cheryl. ignore this lunatic.

  3. sophie says:

    ew ew ew what a minger why do people like that set out to ruin things for people it means they have no life!
    cheryl shouldnt buy it because chanses are he doesnt have the pics, how would he have them?
    he should be stopped and if she pays him he will continue doing it to everyone else

  4. omg tht is discusting…. if he thinks cheryl will buy it nd give him money he is so wrong.. cheryl is very cleaver thn ppl seem to think.. he has to be stopped he is only gonna come bac for more nd he is gonna keep doin it to other ppl… he is just a very very very sick nd proberyl lonely man who is jealous off cheryl nd all of succsess in her life…… as i said it is bloody discusting… luv ya lots cheryl nd always will :):):):)

  5. marina says:

    if i met the guy i would smack him big time i might be 16 but i am nt scrd.

  6. kelsey says:

    leave cheryl alone..!!!! you sick, discusting *****..!!!!

  7. fiona says:

    Cheryl's true fans ahem me :P know that she is sophisticated she doesnt need to throw herself about like a sex doll she is talented , down to earth and extremely gorgeous so no she shouldn't buy it this guy is pathetic and should be locked up hes obviously not right ,

  8. pepe mannion says:

    OMG , wot an arsehole,who the fk does he think he is? if its martin mcann from northwood middx he waz run owtta town years ago for burglary & drugs go cheryl go go go

  9. I happen to know this guy he was living in a grubby council flat no. 9a neil close, northwood hills in middlesex. He is also a sexual deviant who raped women and also blackmailed LOCAL MEN FOR SEX.
    Infact most of the mccann's live in the surrounding areas of harrow and they are all pretty much the same kind of indecent scum of the earth as his brother teddy mccann was into child sex at his place in buckinghamshire rd harrow. Death to the mccanns…

  10. Simon says:

    I take it you read the book by Anthony Allen? Seems to be a bit of a witch hunt against the McCanns. No denying that some of them are wrong un's. But the majority are sound… Pat McCann was a top boxer in his day as well…

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