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Cheryl Cole Tells Ashley: Be Out of MY House When I Get Back

Cheryl Cole Tells Ashley: Be Out of MY House When I Get Back

Cheryl Cole has told Ashley that she want’s him out of their £6 million pound home when she gets back from Los Angeles this Wednesday – Will be be gone before she gets back? Comments below please….


  1. aww. this is actually getting to me a bit. :/ Cheryl's my absoloute idolllll! and to think that, that scumbag ashley is putting her through all this AGAIN kinda makes me feel so sorry for her. if they love eachother, which they clearly do, they should work it out. but the fact that he's done this plenty of times before is worth questionning don't you think? aww bless her. :'( xx

  2. katie says:

    I Agree ^^^^ its nt fair on her but i dont think it will be then end between them x

  3. noname says:

    i don'tlike ashley, but i dom't want her to leave him coz he makes her happy, and she wanted children and all. But he is such a ……….. i dunno how to describve it cheating on his wife, esspecially as its cheryl! why would he want to, she is soooo pretyy and could get any man she wants. And now he really denies it, so why did he do it? Loveeyou cheryl!

  4. janet oliver says:

    Hi Cheryl, Yu may not even look at this but !! when you are in love men make many mistakes – don,t throw the towel in if your heart says you cant,t live without him . both go to therapy together (the priory) roehampton_ we all make mistakes you are now a powerful woman maybe he feels yu don,t need him . I would have given anything for to have my husband with me today despite what business people said to me I too am very able to look after myself (but I loved him ) FIGHT FOR YOUR LOVE TELL ASHELY YU LOVE AN CARE FOR HIM ) give hime another chance you are a wonderful human loving prson as I am – he does love you he is just a man that is in the public eye that has got found out (maybe you need to really look at yourself as I had too and found that my business overuled my husband . GIVE BACK LOVE . godd luck .divorce is awful. love you both janet oliver .

  5. janet oliver says:

    seen your night out in l.a. with that guy don,t even go there you are a decent woman we are all supporting you Ashley is no different from any other bloke on the street stupid and silly an got found out but they are tarts he LOVES YU DONT BELIEVE THEM – . when he is old and grey and needs viagria he will be so sorry marriage is difficult overcome it together you may have a number of faults (as you are a superstar ) come back too reality which we know you are and love you for being you . lay down your guidlines he will obey to that > good luck love to you both _ dont expect you will even see this -and maybe that is your problem but your man first . love janet oliver

  6. sophie says:

    just like the poll says HE BETTER BE!

  7. he’s playin with her 2 much she should of finished wiyh him long time now anyway i hope my gal finds someone who will treat her like a ladeeeeeeee
    it wont be hard for her really shes gorgues and has a lovely personality

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